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Sennheiser K-Array Loudspeakers

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation has introduced K-array, the newest addition to its family of distributed brands. K-array manufactures thin, lightweight loudspeakers that deliver impressive power and sound quality for medium to large-scale applications, including touring, events, installed sound, and broadcast.

“K-array has already generated an incredible amount of excitement in Europe and the Middle East, and we are very pleased to bring the brand on board in the North American market,” says Dawn Birr, product manager for K-array at Sennheiser Electronic Corporation. “Installed and live sound professionals will be very impressed with the space-saving designs, easy set-up, and sheer power of the entire K-array line.”

K-array installed sound audio products fill boardrooms, museums, corporate events, churches, broadcast studios, and theaters with quality sound while remaining nearly invisible. The compact components range from four-inches deep all the way down to half an inch, while retaining an incredible amount of power and adaptability.

Models include the Vyper 3D line arrays, Tornado point-source speakers and the Kobra series of ultra-slim 3D line arrays. The power of the series is exemplified by the Vyper KV50 ultra-flat 3D line array element, which is less than 1.5 inches wide, and half as deep, but can fill a space that seats hundreds.

K-array’s Red Line delivers amazingly clear audio for concerts, conferences, parties and other functions. The adaptable and portable PA systems are only a couple of inches wide, yet can deliver full, rich sound to an audience of 1,000 people.

The line includes the KR100, KR200 two-way speakers, and KL12 and KL18 ultra-light subwoofers. The KR speakers measure only a couple inches across, and the KL subwoofers weigh just over 25 pounds with adjustable coverage and extreme portability.

K-array’s range of lightweight, space-saving audio components for live venues are easy to transport and set up. Despite their small size, the components deliver substantial sound quality at venues of all sizes, from intimate clubs to arenas.

The KH series, which consists of the KH4 two-way flat panel line array and KH15 two-way ultra-compact line array, are self-powered, yet measure only six-inches deep. The KH4 is ideal for long throw applications, such as arenas, while the KH15 is designed for medium throw applications, such as theaters, concert halls, and churches.

The KS series is extremely portable, and easy to fly or ground stack. Set up time is greatly minimized when using the KS series in conjunction with complimentary amplifiers and subwoofers.

The KS4 “figure 8” subwoofer is also remarkably small, weighing in at less than 85 pounds. This makes for a top-quality touring PA that is only a fraction of the size of a traditional touring PA system.

The KA series of Class D amplifiers is outfitted with on-board DSP, which provides signal processing for all K-array products, as well as a broad selection of dedicated presets.

Rounding out the offerings for live sound applications are the Overbass series of self-powered subwoofers and the ultra-compact, high-output KM8 stage monitor. The KM8 enables accurate reproduction of both vocals and instruments with high gain before feedback, and can operate alone or in an array of multiple units.

For more information, please visit www.sennheiserusa.com.

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