PIVOTCam offers high performance capture with quiet, accurate PTZ functionality, at a fantastic value. PIVOTCam produces spectacular video images under a wide range of lighting conditions, utilizing Pan/Tilt/Zoom and Focus control plus preset recalls. 3G 1080P and HD with low noise / high sensitivity. 20x optical zoom via Olympus optics.

Ross PIVOTCam offers high performance image capture with quiet and accurate PTZ functionality, at a fantastic value. Get on-the scene fast watching, following, and twisting to capture those pivotal moments. Be On Target ·    Versatile PTZ Camera with a number of mounting options ·    Fast and efficient Pan/Tilt/Zoom and Focus control with preset recalls ·    Reliable and quiet operation ideal for a wide range of live production environments See Clearly ·    Produces spectacular video images under a wide range of lighting conditions ·    High definition 3G 1080P visuals with low noise and high sensitivity ·    20 x optical zoom via high quality Olympus optics ·    Leading edge CMOS sensor with ultra-low noise (74dB) Connect In ·    Simple integration with Ross Video live production solutions or other existing systems ·    Fully integrated control via Ross production switchers ·    Total production control with DashBoard interface and as part of LCS assembly production control systems including 128 presets store, and recall of shots With included wall and ceiling mounts, PIVOTCam permits you to creatively utilize space in your venue. This makes PIVOTCam the perfect companion for engaging assembly, auditorium, venue, and POV productions.    The Ross PIVOTCam is ideal for church production applications including the one outlined in the following user story: PLEASE NOTE: this user story is copyright by NewBAY Media and cannot be published Calvary Chapel Church Finds The Perfect PTZ Camera BY JACK CHEW Video Operations Manager Calvary Chapel Church Reprinted from August 2017 Issue of TV Technology Copyright 2017 NewBay Media (USA), LLC. Reprinted with permission.  FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.Calvary Chapel Church is what people call a"mega- church," with a central location and regional campuses connected via fiber optics. USER REPORT When the main sanctuaries of our regional campuses are full, we have over ow rooms where church-goers can watch the service on a screen. This creates a disconnect between what was happening on-stage and the people in these rooms, who we think aren't getting the "true" experience of the worship. For this reason, we wanted to add unique POVs with additional cameras, but the common denominator in any decision we make is that we work with volunteer- staff who aren't trained as broadcast specialists. Instead of a complex broadcast camera with a remote head, we decided to look at PTZ cameras for a small, easy-to- control, quality camera. SMART PURCHASE We searched for our ideal PTZ camera for a year with little luck. The price range of all the cameras we looked at were any- where from $6,000 and above, too expensive for all the cameras we wanted. We were beginning to write off the idea of a quality PTZ camera within our budget range when we heard that Ross Video was releasing the PIVOTCam. My engineer and I took a look at the camera and discovered it was exactly what we had been searching for. The camera had a small footprint, conventional or inverted mounting, smooth PTZ, 20x optical zoom lens and a fantastic quality image. The most beautiful part of the package? PIVOTCam was half the price of any comparable camera we had looked at. By the time we had purchased and installed our PIVOT- Cams, we had come in under budget.  SIMPLE EXECUTION The Ross PIVOTCam is able to integrate with the church's Ross Carbonite switcher.  Since setting up our new multicamera show, the greatest benefit has been the many mechanisms of control. The ability to use preset camera shots with a customizable software panel for recall has been a huge feature for our volunteers. With this feature, we're able to set up all the shots for our show and label them "Start of Service," "Mid-Service" and "End of Service." Our volunteer operators can run the entire show with a few button-pushes, reducing their frustration. Another big control feature is the integration with Carbonite, the Ross switcher we use at all of our locations. PIVOTCams can be directly controlled from the joy- stick on Ross switchers, which is key when you need to make a minor adjustment to a shot before taking it to air. Pastors like to move around when they talk, so we use the joystick many times during our service. PIVOTCam has been the perfect solution for us, both financially and functionally. Whenever I speak with other churches trying to put together an easily controllable multi-camera broadcast solution on a bud- get, I recommend Ross Video PIVOTCams. Jack Chew is the video operations manager at Calvary Chapel Church in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He can be contacted at [email protected]  For more information, please visit or call 613-652-4886.

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