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Roland System Group In-Ear Monitors

The RH-PM5 in-ear monitors are tuned for live stage and studio monitoring and are perfectly matched to use with the new RSS Personal Mixing System featuring M-48 Live Personal Mixers. The RH-PM5s are balanced in-ear monitors designed for the best possible on-stage and studio monitoring. Clear and distinctive mid-range sound enables detailed expression in vocals and instruments. The RH-PM5 offers well balanced high and low-end sound with wide dynamic range to provide high quality yet natural sound. They also offer great mid-range comfortable sound when used with everyday digital audio players.

The RH-PM5 features include:

??Ultra high quality and detailed sound articulation for ideal on-stage and studio monitoring

??Provides balanced and stable wear-ability with over the ear hook and slide tube attachment with minimal touch noise

??Heavy duty aluminum construction to handle the rigors of stage usage

??Four different types of ear adapters to fit a wide variety of ear canals (S/M/L/XL)

??Specially designed carrying case for RH-PM5s and accessories and the RH-PM5’s are sold as a complete package including:

*Extension cord (7 feet [2.2 m] OFC litz wire, gold-plated stereo mini jack to stereo

mini plug)

*Plug adaptor (gold-plated stereo mini plug to 1/4 inch stereo phone plug)

*Four different ear adapters. (S, M, L, XL)

*Cord clip to secure to clothing

*Two Filters and Filter replacement tool

*Carrying case

More information can be found at www.rssamerica.com/rhpm5.

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