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Robe ROBIN 300 LEDWash

Many features of the 600 with compact construction and lower price

Following the success of the ROBIN 600 LEDWash, Robe’s fastest-selling product, comes the 300 version which is even more compact in construction, with all the features of the 600 at a highly competitive price.

Designed for small installations and places where space is at a premium.

There is the option to simulate tungsten lamp behaviour when dimming and switching off, complete with ‘red effect’ and thermal delay.

Made with the same Cree 10W multichip RGBW LEDs as the 600 LEDWash, it has all the colour mixing and homogenisation qualities of the 600, plus true whites with a selection of pre-programmed colour temperatures   (2700, 3200, 4200, 5600 & 8000K).

Main features include:

•  19 x 10W RGBW Multichip LEDs arranged in 3 rings

•  Perfect colour mixing with no shadow effects

•  Fabulous pastel colours

•  Virtual colour wheel with pre-programmed colours, including 2700, 3200, 4200, 5600, 8000K whites

•  Red effect & thermal delay tungsten lamp simulation

•  Zoom range from 15 – 50 degrees

•  Completely flat light field at any beam angle

•  Individual control of the LED rings – for incredible ‘camera candy’ style effects

•  Smooth electronic dimming

•  Variable strobe effect from 1 – 20 Hz

•  Super-fast pan & tilt movement

•  LCD touch screen with RNS2 (Robe Navigation System) & battery back-up

•  Communication protocols – DMX 512, ArtNet, RDM, MANet, MANet2

•  Power consumption 205 VA

•  Incredible light weight of 7.5Kgs

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