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Robe Lighting Offers Flexible Financing Package

Robe Lighting is collaborating with Netherlands-based Leasing Services to develop a series of dynamic financial packages for its clients and business partners.

These can either be arranged directly with the client/rental company/end user or via over 40 of Robe's worldwide distributors.

"We have been looking for a suitable and solidly reliable leasing partner for some time, and a lot of careful consideration has gone into our decision to team up with Leasing Services," comments Robe lighting MD Josef Valchar. "This agreement is a major step forward in Robe's evolution, and will greatly benefit a majority of our business partners and clients by facilitating a wide range of accessible, flexible, cost-effective finance options."

The overall effect will be to open new doors and assist in the general growth and the challenges of achieving more business for those who have invested in the Robe brand.

Interested parties will be able to fill in the initial inquiry forms on the Robe website www.robe.cz and send these directly to the relevant financial partner to get the ball rolling quickly and efficiently.

Leasing Services is an international provider of financial services that has focused on the professional sound and lighting industry since 2006, before which it provided consultant services to large internationally based financial institutions.

"We are a typical niche player, bridging the gap between stakeholders in the sound and lighting industry and financial organizations," says Frans Jansen, MD of Leasing Services. He spotted a gap in the market for active international involvement in this special area of the professional entertainment and leisure industry. "Freeing up working capital and offering staged repayment on equipment over a period when the investment is actually generating income is common in other areas like IT, but relatively new in this industry," he observes.

Robe lighting and Leasing Services will fine tune and rollout the program over the next few weeks, with the service officially launched on September 6th.

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