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Poly Pong Table Tennis

Octagon table invites up to a dozen players at a time

Invented by a high school physics instructor, Poly Pong combines the games of ping pong and four square. Four triangular bumpers divide an octagonal table. Originally tested by the instructor's church youth congregation who played late into the evening.

The inventors responded to youth leader's complaints about the weakness of ping-pong tables. The Poly Pong table is an indoor/outdoor table that weighs 350 pounds. It is nearly twice the size of a conventional table, yet folds up to a smaller footprint and can be rolled easily into storage. It is made from 25% fiber filled resin called sheet molding compound. The brightly colored red, yellow, blue, and green courts attract youth to investigate. Traditional nets are replaced with polyethylene triangular bumpers that become an active part of the game. When a ball strikes a bumper it may deflect into any other court or even back to be played again.

There are over twenty different games to choose from. Most allow player rotation so you can include several players in the same game. There are games for two, three, or four players, doubles where you can have eight on the table at a time, or one game, Elimination, allows twelve at the start. There is even one game, Crossfire" where two different games are playing at the same time. Very young kids using a nerf ball and their hands can even play poly Pong paddle-free.

Poly Pong is designed for use in churches, YMCA's, youth clubs, schools, and civic centers. Skill level doesn't matter. The best and the worst still play together without the intimidation which can occur with standard ping-pong. Temporary alliances are formed to defeat the ace player. It does not discriminate due to age.

For more information, please visit www.polypong.com.

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