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Planning Facility Design? Think Audio Now!

According to systems integration firm Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS), it’s never too early for any commercial facility that requires sound reinforcement to think about audio.

Mark Miller is a sales and design specialist for ABS who has been working on audio design for over a decade. He said there’s a lot of guessing and misinformation that goes into some facility design that can cause serious acoustic issues in a finished church, school, studio, theater, casino, stadium, arena, or transportation terminal.

“A common problem is once you’ve committed to some of these design decisions, they can be really costly to change later on,” Miller explains. “Acoustics are a fundamental backbone of your facility and deserve more attention in the initial design and construction. Once it’s been done properly, you will never have to think about it again.”

As part of its effort to improve audio performance for its clients, ABS uses EASE (Electro-Acoustic Simulator for Engineers), which was developed by the Ahnert Feistel Media Group. With its extensive collection of mathematical and acoustical algorithms, as well as other tools, the EASE software suite provides modeling and simulation of both venue acoustics and sound system performance.

As a result, ABS can accurately predict real-world acoustics; in other words, clients can “hear” how a room will sound before it’s built or equipment is installed. The company can also simulate how specific speakers and sound systems will function in an environment, so they can pinpoint optimal placement and configurations. ABS also uses SMAART, a software package produced by EAW for real-time sound measurement, optimization, and control of existing venues.

“A little extra attention at the beginning of a project can save a great deal of time and money in the long run,” says Mark Siegel, president of ABS. “We make a point of helping our clients with potential audio problems. With our experienced team and access to the best technology, ABS can help maximize audio performance in new facilities or redesigned spaces.”

About Advanced Broadcast Solutions:

Based in Kent, WA, Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) specializes in personalized broadcast services such as consulting, project budgeting, workflow analysis, feasibility studies, project management, system and architectural design and engineering, equipment specifying, procurement and installation, maintenance support and training. ABS boasts a technical staff with over a century of practical experience in television operations, automation, traffic implementation, multiple program stream management and signal distribution by fiber, microwave and satellite. ABS clients include: Fisher Communications, Cowles California Media Group, Real Networks, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft Studios.

For more information about ABS, call 206-870-0244 or visit our web site at www.advancedbroadcastsolutions.com.

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