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Phiaton PS 210 Earphones

Second Generation Primal Series raises the bar on comfort with ergonomical design

Phiaton, a leader in the audio industry, is introducing the new PS 210 “half in-ear” earphones. Ergonomically designed to fit just outside the ear canal, the PS 210 features a combination of comfort and sound quality for the optimal listening experience with your personal music player or e-reader. Phiaton’s unique “half in-ear” design combines the excellent bass response of in-ear style buds and the crystal clear highs of open-ear style buds. The PS 210 is made of a high quality, light-weight aluminum material for additional wearing comfort.

PS 210 come in four different sized silicon ear tips (XS, S, M, and L) that are included to ensure a natural fit. The PS 210 also includes Phiaton’s highly respected Applied Dynamic Speaker Driver using Acoustic transducer technology for rich bass and high range fidelity. The earphones feature a 10 Hz - 27,000 Hz frequency range, 98dB at 1 kHz sensitivity, 32 Ohm Impedance and a maximum input power of 30 mW. The PS 210 weighs 0.29 oz w/o cord. Available with a slim carrying case, the PS210 has a $99 MSRP and is sold at www.phiaton.com plus other online stores.

Jong-Bae Lee, Chairman of Phiaton Corporation, says, “Phiaton is committed to providing consumers with the best in high quality and high fashion earphone devices. We are constantly making design and technology improvements based on years of experience. With so many new applications for quality headphones, Phiaton will continue to increase our offerings to provide the best experience available for the consumer.”

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