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Performance Series Wireless

The Audix Performance Series delivers the ease of setup and pure, accurate sound you've been waiting for in a wireless microphone system. Professional, durable and versatile, the Performance Series offers multiple configurations for handheld, lavalier, headworn and instrument microphones that operate within the approved 522 MHz - 586 MHz range. The Performance Series provides quality and feature options at a price point that is unmatched in the market today.

Audix is best known for manufacturing precision-made application specific microphones for vocals, instruments and the installed sound market from its headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon. The Performance Series wireless system provides remarkable audio quality that is simple, reliable, and versatile. Available in two levels of performance, the 40 Series, with a 32 MHz bandwidth and up to 16 channels of audio, or the 60 Series, with a 64 MHz bandwidth, up to 24 channels of simultaneous audio, and an operating range up to 450 feet, there is a system for every house of worship. Transmitters include the H60 handheld vocal transmitter features a 14-hour battery life and available interchangeable capsules include the OM2 or OM5 dynamic capsules, or the impressive VX5 condensor capsule. The B60 bodypack transmitter can be used with lavalier or headworn microphones, and can also be used for wireless instruments including electric guitar and bass, as well as sax, brass, and flute. Both transmitters are made of metal, for ruggedness and durability, while also featuring adjustable gain settings. Performance Series wireless provides all of the benefits of a wired Audix microphone, such as audio clarity, reliability, and quality of build, but with the added benefit of freedom of movement. Worship techs can rest easy knowing that the settings can be locked to prevent unintended changes to channel or settings, as well as mute functionality. Furthermore, both the 40 Series and 60 Series operate on UHF frequencies within the approved 522 MHz - 586 MHz range. Ultimately, what’s most important is that the audience can clearly hear and understand what’s being said, or sung. Audix prides itself designing and manufacturing microphones that deliver excellent sonic performance, whether it’s a headworn, lavalier, vocal handheld, or instrument microphone. With over 60 combinations available, Audix Performance Series wireless systems offers flexible configurations & broad functionality that worship tech, pastors, ministers, choir/band directors & members, and the congregation will all benefit from.

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