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Ovation B-565FC

Ovation B-565FC LED batten delivers a new level of color washing for churches. Featuring an RGBA-Lime color mixing system, it produces richer colors and brighter whites. An included holographic filter locks in place. Adjustable Pulse Width Modulation avoids flickering for video services. Control options include RDM, Art-Net and sACN plus standard DMX.

CHAUVET Professional brings a new level of color mixing to worship stages and sanctuaries with the Ovation B-565FC batten. Introduced earlier this year, the fixture was the first batten style wash light to incorporate lime LEDs into its color mixing system. Lime fits into the optimal wave length for the human eye. The addition of lime LEDs results in a richer, bolder and more realistic-looking output of all colors as well as brighter whites. This color rendering capability is extremely important in a house of worship batten fixture, since a growing number of churches are relying on color washing to create more immersive worship environments. Like all LED lights, Ovation B-565FC consumes less energy than standard incandescent battens. It also lowers maintenance costs as a result of its 50,000-hour light source life. This makes it practical to use the new fixture to wash more areas throughout a house of worship. Every Sunday, Ovation B-565FC is creating more beautiful and engaging color washes on stage backdrops, choir loft facades, scenic elements and sanctuary walls. Measuring 13.9" x 7.48" x 8.14" (355 x 190 x 207 mm), Ovation B-565FC offers the compactness and flexibility to fit into a wide variety of permanent or temporary settings in a church. Yet the output from its 56 8-watt red, green, blue, amber and lime LEDs is bright enough for cyc lighting and large scale washing throughout a sanctuary, even those with high ceilings. (CHAUVET Professional has a larger 69" x 8.26" x 8.13" RGBA-Lime linear fixture,  Ovation B-2805FC, which is powered by 280 8-watt LEDs. The company also offers the smaller Ovation B-1965FC, which measures 48.43" x 8.27" x 8.15" and has 196 3-watt RGBA-Lime LEDs.) Ovation B-565FC is very well-suited for churches that broadcast and stream worship services, concerts and events, as its rich, deep colors come off extremely well on camera, even in close up shots. Its color temperature range of 2800 K to 10000 K and very quiet operation, also help the fixtures excel in broadcast applications. Featuring adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), Ovation B-565FC avoids flickering on camera. A flexible color mixing fixture, Ovation B-565FC offers 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer and individual colors for smooth transitions. An included holographic filter allows ultra-smooth color mixing with a more elliptical wash pattern. This filter locks into place so it will not slide out regardless of how the fixture is oriented.  Additionally, a virtual color wheel makes it simple to match popular gel colors. Ovation B-565FC works well with a variety of control applications including standard DMX, RDM, Art-Net and sACN, making it ideally suited for churches with elaborate designs. At the same time, the user-friendly fixture can also make it easy for inexperienced volunteers to create evocative wash lighting. Putting it all together with lime color mixing, advanced LED technology, the latest control interfaces and a user friendly design, Ovation B-565FC is at home in any church looking to create a more richly colored and immersive worship environment.

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