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North Way Christian Community Church

North Way Christian Community's dream was that technology would create an atmosphere with such a high level of quality and intentionality that it enhances their community's connection with the Lord. Through careful planning, an innovative roll-out, and dedicated support - that's exactly what has happened.

North Way Christian Community connected with us in early 2016 through a referral from another church to begin developing a multi-phase plan to update the worship environment and production systems at their main campus in Wexford, PA.  The church's dream for this project, was that technology would create an atmosphere to draw people into the presence of God - an atmosphere with such a high level of quality and intentionality that it enhances the connection with the Lord. Throughout the dream process, the Mankin team shared various sources of inspiration with North Way's leadership team to help them determine what they loved and what they didn't like so we were all on the same page with the creative direction and outcome. In order to fulfill the vision, a full production overhaul would be completed over three phases. This required very intentional planning that would keep long term elements in mind as we rolled out the beginning phases (i.e. coordinating sight lines, placements, shot selection, etc.).  As the origination site for video messages to their five other regional campuses, the broadcast video system at the Wexford campus is mission critical every week. As such, we developed a system with high priority on tried and true, flexible work flow and longevity that would be friendly to the volunteer-driven crew. A new control room space was developed with two rows of furniture and a large multi-viewer monitor wall, and new infrastructure was installed to allow for multiple camera locations and implementations. The video system was installed over the course of four weeks with a temporary video system in place utilizing old gear as a stopgap. New, isolated ground electrical service was also installed by the church to support these critical systems.  The phase one lighting system was installed in one week from Sunday to Sunday in order to minimize impact to the church's ministry schedule. In order to streamline the time on site, we fully built-out and tested the system at Mankin HQ in Franklin, Tennessee, including pre-cabling trusses and pre-programming fixtures. From a creative standpoint, there was high value placed on developing a "tool box" that could be utilized to create variety over time with the same building blocks. This led to a strategic marriage between theatrical lighting with great haze, and low-resolution, abstract, blow through LED video product. This provided tremendous value and maximum flexibility of scenic layers.  The theatrical lighting system is anchored by a number of Chauvet Rogue and Colorado fixtures, a Jands Vista lighting console, CreateLED AirBLADE low-resolution LED panels, and MDG atmosphere. The broadcast video system is one of the first house of worship installations of Panasonic's UC3000 4K-capable high definition broadcast cameras, alongside a For-A video switcher, AJA routing, Cobalt and Tektronix terminal gear, scope, and master clock, a number of ProPresenter GFX Workstations, and Middle Atlantic control room furniture, equipment racks, and power conditioning.  One specific example of the innovative use of technology is the utilization of AJA Ki Pro Ultra video recorders/players being fed four independent signals for capture - the IMAG cut, a clean IMAG cut without message support, the locked off center shot of the teaching pastor, and a GFX source - with the ability for regional campuses to choose two of these sources to playback depending on their unique needs; all from a single capture/playback device.  Mankin's Guardian LifeLine & Protect services truly allow our team to own the outcome of this system design. The church has a very small production staff whose primary responsibility is to raise up and disciple volunteer teams, not feed and water technical systems. The LifeLine and Protect services allow our team of engineers to carry much of the heavy lifting of system engineering so that the church's staff can focus more time on their most important people resources. With real-time connections into the production systems, we provide production support both during weekend services and during the week to ensure the message capture and live service experience are the best they can be with consistency.  This project provides tremendous value from top to bottom, both in resources and in flexibility. We are especially proud of how the marriage of theatrical lighting and blow-through low-resolution LED video is executed in the lighting system design. This is an emerging visual trend in houses of worship that we are glad to borrow from the concert touring world and lead the way in this industry.  Thus far, these new tools have been game changers for the North Way community. The lighting and video systems have been well received by this multi-generational church exactly as they hoped, creating an intentional, enveloping experience for people to engage with God.

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