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MultiSite Solutions Partners with NewThing Network

NewThing Network www.newthing.org has invited MultiSite Solutions to provide ongoing multisite coaching to all its Network churches. NewThing Network is the outgrowth of Community Christian Church www.communitychristian.org of Naperville, IL. The mission of NewThing Network is to be a catalyst for a movement of reproducing churches relentlessly dedicated to helping people find their way back to God. They believe that reproducing churches multiply campuses and plant churches. Community Christian Church is not content to just be a big church with multiple campuses. They want to inspire and equip others to plant reproducing multisite churches. Their passion spawned the largest annual gathering of church planters at the Exponential Conference www.exponentialconference.org in Orlando and produced the Exponential www.amazon.com/Exponential-Friends-Missional-Church-Movement/dp/0310326788 book about how to “start a missional church movement.”

Community Christian Church is one of the early pioneers in the multisite church movement. “I first met founding pastors Dave & Jon Ferguson in 2000 when I came to Chicago to pioneer the multisite strategy at Willow Creek. Dave and his team birthed Community Christian Church in 1989 and went multisite in 1998 with a “Big Idea” teaching team strategy,” says Jim Tomberlin of Multi-Site Solutions.

Currently CCC has eleven sites around Chicago and is launching five more in the next 12 months. Community Christian Church hosted Leadership Network’s first gathering of multisite pioneers ironically on Sept 11, 2001. “When I announced at that conference that Willow Creek was launching a second campus utilizing video—half the room laughed in derision, Dave cheered me on,” says Tomberlin. “Dave is an inspiring, innovative, catalytic, apostolic, missional pastor-leader. I have appreciated his friendship over the years. I’m delighted now to join hands in a strategic partnership with NewThing Network.”

New Thing’s Multi-Site Practicum is available at www.newthing.org/multisite. It is a DVD compilation of their multi-site seminars and offers advice on how to get started on the multisite journey. If you need help, a tune-up, or additional coaching contact MultiSite Solutions www.multisitesolutions.com/wp/faq/need-a-multi-site-tune-up.

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