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MicroLite 2 Video Transmission System

MicroLite 2 is a wireless video transmission system designed to capture real-time, high-quality video from cameras. It delivers up to 250mW of power in a small package, providing reliable HD video with low latency and low power consumption, making it ideal for live streaming and video archiving applications for churches.

For churches interested in deepening their connection with current members, as well as attracting new members to their congregations, wireless video streaming and archiving can be a powerful tool. However, until recently, most of the video transmission options available to churches have tended to be one of the following: low-cost, but missing the cutting-edge quality needed to fully engage viewers, or professional-level quality, but at a price point far beyond the budgets of most churches. To address this "mid-market" need, IMT-Vislink, a company with decades-long experience in providing solutions for the wireless capture, delivery and management of high-quality, live video, has recently launched a product line called MicroLite 2, offering a compelling combination of features, functions and value to the church market. The MicroLite 2 represents the latest version of IMT-Vislink's video transmission systems that have been designed to capture real-time, high-quality video from wireless cameras. It inherits a proven technology base that has been used extensively by leading broadcasters for demanding electronic news gathering, sports and entertainment applications.  One of the core features of the MicroLite 2 is IMT-Vislink's Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) technology, which delivers the pristine image clarity required for real-time, H.264 (MPEG-4) HD broadcast-quality video transmissions. For church videographers, this ensures the transmission of uninterrupted, live video over long ranges without breakup or pixelation, despite line-of-sight limitations. This gives the MicroLite 2 a significant advantage in quality over uncompressed video solutions. An additional benefit of the MicroLite 2 video system compared to alternative solutions is the ability to operate at very low levels of latency (delay)as low as 70ms. This makes it well-suited for live events and video-assist applications.  The MicroLite 2 is housed in a small, lightweight chassis for ultimate portability and enabling quick setup by church video operators. It was designed with a compact size and weight form factor and minimized power requirements, making it ideal for smaller cameras and batteries. With its low 7w power consumption, it can run off a 7.4V lithium ion battery for over 2 hours. In addition to being able to operate with 7.4V DC camera Li-Ion batteries, it can also run with the VClip style of batteries. Despite the MicroLite 2's compact size, it delivers up to 250mW of power, providing long range, reliable HD video.  The MicroLite 2 also features a number of connection options, providing flexibility with a wide array of equipment. This includes HD/SD-SDI and HDMI inputs/outputs.  For added flexibility and ease of operation, the MicroLite 2 sports a simplified, user-oriented interface. In addition, it can be configured or remotely controlled by the built-in Wi-Fi webserver, allowing the camera operator the freedom to shoot remotely. An Android or iOS device will see the MicroLite 2 and automatically open the control browser.  A 900MHz transceiver enabling the processing of remote commands including camera control is also an option. The extensive features available with the MicroLite 2 make professional-grade live streaming and archiving a reality for churches. The exceptional video quality allows enhanced viewing of services throughout and beyond the church hall. In addition, offering congregation members the option of streaming church services, Bible study sessions, meetings and other events live, in HD, provides an added touch point for a church to deliver its message to congregants who cannot attend in person, helping to further build and strengthen community. When used as part of a video archiving strategy, the MicroLite 2 allows current members to access recorded video footage of full services, concerts and special messages when they can't attend, as well as serving as an opportunity to give potential new members the chance to experience the "look and feel" of a church before doing so in person. One of the most noteworthy attributes of the MicroLite 2 solution is that IMT-Vislink is offering this professional-grade video transmission system at price points comparable to other systems that include fewer features and less-robust technology. This makes the MicroLite 2 a compelling choice for church wireless video applications when broadcast quality, exceptional range and reliability are requiredin a value-focused solution. In addition to the technological superiority of the MicroLite 2 platform, IMT-Vislink backs it up with first-class service and support, having designed and delivered numerous customized church video packages, and the company is well experienced with the different goals and needs of house of worship camera systems. The MicroLite 2 system represents the pre-eminent solution for churches interested in growing their ministries, and amplifying their outreach through video technology. It is, quite simply, the most comprehensive mid-market wireless camera system available today.

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