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LoudMouth Wireless PA Provides Mass Notification for Churches and Schools

The Loudmouth Wireless PA system from Ritron Inc. allows churches, schools, and other facilities to use an existing portable two-way radio, base station, or mobile radio to deliver "live" voice messages at a distance of up to two miles away.

Facilities can deliver mass notifications for weather emergencies, security announcements, or alerts to avoid open areas or "shelter in place," and more. The technology reportedly requires no trenching and no extensive wiring. It is well suited for locations where a hard-wired PA system is impractical because of the cost and feasibility of routing wire to desired locations, or if the application is temporary, the company reports.

A Loudmouth Wireless PA system consists of a one-channel radio receiver, flex antenna, a rechargeable emergency back-up battery, a 110VAC power supply, and a separate PA horn/speaker that attaches to the receiver. The receiver and PA are activated by the two-way radio, which serves as a microphone that allows voice messages to be delivered to the PA from long range (up to two miles).

A loud PA horn speaker95dB SPL@50 feet (ample even in noisy environments)improves communication, safety and security, and productivity. One Loudmouth receiver can support up to two separate Ritron PA horn speakers in parallel for additional PA coverage. The system also allows for multiple paging zones so that portable radios can access more than one PA speaker or zone.


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