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Linear’s Copper Cop Protects Against HVAC Theft

Linear LLC, a commercial access control, emergency response and security solutions provider, announces Copper Cop, a new copper theft security solution designed to protect commercial HVAC units from being stripped of copper piping and hardware.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB), metal thefts have increased 81% since 2008, with copper by far the most frequently stolen material. Sources like commercial building HVAC systems, traffic lights and railway signals, farm equipment, construction sites and buildings under construction have all been targeted by thieves willing to risk personal safety and cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage for a few hundred dollars worth of metal.

Designed for easy installation to the exterior of a commercial HVAC unit,

Linear's Copper Cop includes a unique wire harness and patent-pending spring-loaded clips enclosed in a durable bright yellow casing that provides a visual "Protected by Copper Cop" warning to deter would-be thieves. As simple as it is effective, the Copper Cop goes to work when anyone tries to remove the HVAC cover or disarm the unit. If breached, Copper Cop responds in one or more ways: by sounding a local siren or transmitting an alarm signal to a Linear or other security systemwhich then summons an immediate request for assistance from an alarm monitoring service.

Copper Cop reportedly has advantages over existing HVAC metal security solutions, as well. Since it is an alarm activation device, licensed security system installers can retrofit existing HVAC units without needing an HVAC installer's license, plumber's license or an electrician's license. Security system installers can install Copper Cop for churches commercial customers directly, or work with HVAC contractors to install and monitor. Integrating with existing alarm panels is easily accomplished with Linear's wireless Transmitter/Receiver Pair (DXS-31 / DXS-702).

Copper and metal thefts are especially destructive because the cost of repair, replacement and insurance premium increases far exceed the value of stolen metal. A $10,000 HVAC unit can be rendered useless when the $75 worth of copper tubing is removed. This imbalance makes simple, affordable solutions like the Copper Cop even more appealing.

"We've seen countless cases of schools, businesses, churches and construction sites targeted by metal thieves, often because of inadequate security," says Duane Paulsen, senior vice president of product and market development for Linear. "Copper Cop is the simplest, most affordable and effective solution to combat copper theft because it provides a visual deterrent on the HVAC unit, an audio deterrent when paired with a siren, and an immediate security response via integration with existing security systems."


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