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Lightswitch Architectural Provides Insights at US Department of Energy Meeting

“Transformations in Lighting”, a solid-state lighting workshop, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in San Francisco, California, showcases solid-state lighting (SSL) technology advances and gives guidance to market introductions for quality SSL products. From the abstract of research to the technical of applications, seminars and workshops connected DOE researches and lighting industry leaders. “What Architects and Designers Want from SSL” was led by Avraham Mor, LEED AP, partner at Lightswitch Architectural, a premier provider of architectural lighting design services.

Mor provided practical insight for manufacturers, engineers and designers of these new SSL products. What designers look for when evaluating new SSL technologies, and the issues when using such fixtures, Mor’s presentation represented a practical collaboration between government, manufacturer, R&D and industry experts, bringing together technology developers and those end users who must make the available products work within their structures and ultimately in the everyday lives of consumers.

Shawn Keeney, vice president of LED Transformations, reported from the conference for an SSL trade publication and described Mor’s presentation as “very informative” and, due to the depth of the information provided, immediately applicable to the working situations of those in attendance. He commends Mor for highlighting specific project issues and for offering “valuable insight into the current state of the SSL industry”.

“I was thrilled to present at this meeting. It is such a privilege to be able to work with peers and colleagues on this level and so important for our industry”, says Mor. “I believe we set an example for others, proving that collaboration is the best way to promote research and business.” Mor made a call to researchers to continue to investigate options in SSL and, specifically, luminaire technology.

Over the last five years, the DOE has entered into partnerships with the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD). Both have agreed to work together on the development of strong industry lighting standards. “SSL is unique”, continues Mor, also a member of both organizations. “Its potential is huge. And with this important collaboration encompassing research, development, and market introduction, it’s a win-win both environmentally and economically.”

According to the DOE, “The annual workshop brings together the nation’s best and brightest in the lighting industry, and is designed to allow the SSL community to share updates on the latest technology developments, market needs, and results from real-world demonstrations.” Highlights and presentations can be found online at www1.eere.energy.gov.

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