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Light Wraps Decorative Wall Pack Covers

In response to the ever-increasing demand for custom wall pack covers on commercial building projects, DPI is now offering cost-effective custom design and manufacturing services on its flagship product line, Light Wraps Decorative Wall Pack Covers.

Light Wraps are steel covers, available in three sizes that fit over most standard wall packs, with sixteen standard, interchangeable aluminum faceplate styles in a variety of colors. Using a standard housing, DPI can customize faceplates with laser cut logos, addresses, unit numbers and more, backlit through colored acrylic, for as little as $150 per unit. Volume discounts are available on larger orders.

Paired with an inexpensive wall pack, designers can now specify custom exterior “fixtures” on a project for under $300 per unit—less than custom product from most architectural fixture manufacturers. Additionally, DPI can design and manufacture full-on custom covers, allowing customers to start from scratch and specify custom shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Until now, the most-common approach to acquiring custom covers has involved hiring both a designer and metal shop to facilitate design intent. This approach takes time, coordination and unnecessary cost. DPI brings all of these functions under one roof and simplifies the process while cutting costs. While lead times vary based on the level of customization desired, custom product is typically delivered within less than two weeks from the time of the order.

All Light Wraps are available with an optional “Dark Sky Kit” to provide full cutoff and shielding, complying with local shielding/glare ordinances and LEED requirements for light pollution reduction. Light Wraps have been certified as “Dark Sky Friendly” by the International Dark Sky Association, the leading light pollution advocacy group.

For more information about Light Wraps and to buy direct, please visit www.light-wraps.com or call Customer Service at (262) 292-2442.

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