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Life Church

An innovative acoustic design of the new sanctuary delivers an amazing worship experience. A stellar design coupled with great installation of audio, video, and lighting systems means this church has it all.

"Wow" seems to be the one word that church goers say as soon as they walk into the redesigned Life Church in Fort Myers, Florida.  As President & CEO of AE Global Media said about Life Church, "as far as an acoustic environment, this is what I would design for my own church."  Life Church went with an expansion of 430 seats in their sanctuary to 713 seats and every one of those 713 seats gives a true sense of an acoustical, fantastic environment.  The goal was that no matter where you sat in the sanctuary, it would be a great seat.  To get this incredible sound, a new d&b Y-Series was installed with flow and ground subs.  This helped create a unique and acoustical environment.  The church was willing to compromise on some aspects of the design to fit their budget needs, but the acoustical environment was non-negotiable.  By using a few of the existing C & B series speakers in combination with new Y & J series d&b speakers, the system design created a stereo field in every seating section with an LCR system.  Mixing the Pastor's voice with the Worship Pastor's voice through the center channel and then mixing the instrumentation and other worship background through the left and right stereo mode provided depth of presence when you are in the congregation looking at the platform.  To enhance the acoustical environment, the design included flying the j-subs so that there would be low energy in the back of the room and then having additional B2-subs under the stage to keeps the low energy and connectivity with the front of the room.  This keeps the sub energy evenly distributed.  "Having come from a smaller room, into this room, I haven't noticed any difference in engagement; it has stayed the same. I mean, our room was much smallerI just feel like everybody is still with us the whole time," said Lead Pastor Ryan Deaton.  The new sanctuary doubled in size, but maintained the intimacy.  "I think the design of the room has something to do with that, but without good acoustics, you're going to lose it."  The design of the room paid special attention to detail and to the sight-lines and what the congregation would see.  The decision was made that stage would be modified and a liner ray system would not be used.  A Mega System LED video wall was incorporated as a central focal element for the platform, this created a great graphic interface to be used with the broadcast camera system, as well as new broadcast lighting design making full use of the large platform for preaching ministry.  Pastor Deaton and the rest of the Life Church team now have the tools they need to deliver high-quality word, music, and ministry programs for years to come.  The success of the renovation of Life Church's acoustical environment has proven to be a benchmark for other ministries across the country.

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