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Lakeside Christian Church

Lakeside Christian Church is planting vibrant satellite congregations to reach the Kentucky area just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. Renovation of a satellite campus (a 2016 Solomon Award Project) raised the need to update the main campus, and for that they again called on Custom Sound Designs.

Lakeside Christian Church has a vision for reaching the Kentucky area just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio.  They are planting vibrant satellite congregations that mimic the message and vitality of the Lakeside Park campus throughout the area.  The transformation of Taylor Mill gave birth to a plan for renovating their main campus in Lakeside Park.  In this case the main campus needed to update to match the satellite, and for that they again called on CSD.  From the beginning, it was apparent that Lakeside's vision would involve redesigning the Front of House (FOH) tech booth, replacing older technology, and renewing existing technology.  They desired a modern, more contemporary worship environment that reflected their Mission Statement to "Love Jesus and love like Jesus." The greatest change came in the redesign and relocation of their FOH.  A move necessitating significant change in infrastructure, but providing great benefit in the end.  The previous FOH was cramped and in the balcony.  CSD doubled the size of the booth, moved it into the center back of the main floor, and integrated all wiring at this location.  The new location is best suited for audio mixing and viewing the stage.  All systems (audio, video, lighting, and cameras) work together from a central location.  Lighting is very effective in shaping the worship environment, so Lakeside committed to expansion and upgrades in both house and stage lighting, and moved to High Definition video.  Thirty two Color LED fixtures were integrated with owner-furnished ellipsoidal fixtures and mounted to 150' of custom designed truss.  To increase flexibility, fixed head LED color wash fixtures were fitted to upstage truss mounted on motors for raising and lowering.  Fixed truss is loaded with moving head wash and beam fixtures that can be operated remotely.  Jands Vista provides control of stage and house lighting.  House lighting is provided by 84 LED fixtures.  Control is integrated with Jands Vista as well as wall panels. All fixtures are fully dimmable (down to 0%).  The existing video system was workable, but small front screens and aging projectors made viewing difficult for many.  The rear screen and projector were later additions and a detriment to the aesthetic of the room.  Front projectors were replaced with High Definition 11,000 lumen laser projectors, shooting onto 220" diagonal HD screens.  The images are significantly larger, brighter, and more distinct. The rear screen and projector were replaced with a much smaller, more easily hidden 60" LCD HD flat panel monitor.  Again, the image is brighter and crisper, and the room aesthetic is greatly improved.  Their existing audio equipment was sufficient, however the system itself needed improvement.  CSD recommended a solution emphasizing renewal rather than replacement.  The existing speaker array was lowered and 1 box added to provide better coverage to the front seating.  Side fill speakers were replaced and under-balcony speakers were added.  The net result is more consistent coverage with less expense than all new speakers.  The end result is dramatic and a major improvement.  The sanctuary looks like new construction and church leadership is very pleased.  BEFORE Original architectural elements and house lighting fixtures Padded pews for seating Single center-hang array of speakers for ground level and balcony seating Single suspended speakers (left and right) for outer seating sections White stage lighting with minimal LED wash for color Undersized projection screens and legacy projectors Rear Projection screen suspended over Front of House for confidence monitor. Stock 2'x3' and 2'x2' acoustic panels on flat surfaces Front of House (technical) booth in the balcony AFTER Ceiling blackened and 150' Truss structure added for expanded lighting Up stage truss on motors FOH technical booth expanded and moved from balcony to main floor New wiring, floor boxes and custom patch panels on stage and in FOH Existing speakers re-aimed and augmented; side fill and under balcony speakers added 32 LED Color stage lighting fixtures added to existing fixtures 16 Moving head fixtures (8 wash and 8 beam) installed on stage front truss for remote control 11,000 lumen laser projectors shooting onto 220" diagonal screens with HD signal and image. 60" HD flat panel monitor replaces rear project screen hanging above balcony 84 Dimmable LED house light fixtures controlled at wall panels and FOH Custom acoustic panels throughout

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