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Jonti-Craft KYDZSuite Educational Furniture

Create learning environments one piece at a time

A handcrafted, modular line of furniture that lets you maximize space and create an educational environment exactly the way you want to. Jonti-Craft announces the launch of KYDZSuiteTM, a collection of modular early-learning furniture. Designed to make the most of any area, the new line lets early childhood educators and caregivers create playing and learning areas, one modular piece at a time.

Suitable for children of all ages, KYDZSuite helps create a custom kid-friendly environment. Safe, durable, and sturdy, it’s built to last and made with Jonti-Craft’s reliable KYDZSafe® edges, KYDZStrong® construction, and KYDZTuff® finish. Eco-friendly and inexpensive, users can build from scratch, or build onto the Jonti-Craft products they already have, saving time, space, and money.

“The KYDZSuite line was designed with space constraints and creativity in mind. No two learning environments are exactly alike, nor are the children that use them on a daily basis,” says Jonti-Craft VP, Marketing, Nick Schwarz. “KYDZSuite allows educators and caregivers to turn the space they have into the space they want, as often as they want. KYDZSuite is easily modified and can easily be rearranged or added to at any time. We are proud of this line because it really allows learning environments to grow and evolve as children and caregivers’ needs change.”

To preview this new and space-saving line from Jonti-Craft, please visit www.KYDZSuite.com or call (800) 543-4149.

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