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Ion Xe

ETC Ion® Xe brings professional programming capabilities to houses of worship of any size. It offers the backlit keyboard layout, software, award-winning color tools, and customizable Magic Sheets of other Eos®-family desks, along with 2,048 or 12,288 outputs. Ion Xe 20 has 20 onboard pageable faders and a built-in display.

With compact footprints and full-featured Eos® software, ETC Ion® Xe consoles bring high-level, award-winning programming power to smaller houses of worship. They feature the same backlit keyboard layout as the other consoles in the Eos family, so they integrate easily into a larger system and allow for seamless workflow transfer from desk to desk. Ion Xe desks support up to two external multi-touch monitors, which gives users full hands-on access to color tools, Magic Sheets, Direct Selects and more.  Ion Xe consoles feature full main playback controls, fader controls, level and rate wheels, four rotary parameter encoders and support for up to five USB-connectable wings and devices. Ion Xe consoles are available in two output counts 2,048 (base) and 12,288 (expanded) providing control for a wide variety of lighting systems. For extra security and flexibility, ETC has also released a new Ion Xe RPU (Remote Processor Unit), which can serve as a backup, remote programming station, or primary controller in a system.  Users can further expand the fader count of the Ion Xe consoles and customize them to the specific needs of a service, pageant or concert, by connecting one or more Eos Fader Wings or Eos Motorized Fader Wings. Eos Fader Wing accessories provide 20 or 40 non-motorized faders in convenient USB-connectable modules that match and are compatible with all the latest Eos-family hardware. The wings share the profile of the Ion Xe and Eos Motorized Fader Wings, and they can be used with other Eos-family products. Up to three motorized or non-motorized fader wings can be connected to any Ion Xe desk. The Ion Xe 20 model streamlines a house of worship's AV station setup with a built-in bank of 20 pageable, non-motorized faders that can serve as permanent manual playbacks for a work surface.

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