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Invisible Waves X Click to Listen

New feature of RF spectrum analyzer helps identify transmitters and interference

Click to Listen, one of the many innovative features of the Invisible Waves X RF spectrum analyzer, lets users listen in on wireless signals to aid in identifying them. It allows sound engineers to drag a tuning cursor across the spectral display to hear a transmission (providing confidence monitoring for wireless mic’s, IEM transmissions, hearing assist systems or just identifying rogue transmissions).

The recently released Invisible Waves X from Kaltman Creations adds a suite of controls, such as Click to Listen, providing RF analyses specifically for pro audio wireless.

Once tuned into a transmission using Click to Listen, users can capture the transmission in the Master Status Display as a cataloged signal, where they can custom name, color code and prioritize all detected signals for continued monitoring. The feature helps identify transmitters or potential interference and audio distortion problems by demodulating any analog signal, i.e., most VHF and UHF wireless microphones, wireless intercom, 2-way radio and even local FM radio stations.

Other features include UFO Alert (Unidentified Frequency Objects), which warns when a rogue RF signal appears above a defined threshold (like a support act turning on wireless). RF Coordinator is accessed to identify usable open RF space. Also included are RF Congestion Scale to gauge the severity of local RF and RF Level Alert to warn when any cataloged signals fall below assigned thresholds. Other new features are an RF Event/Alarm Recorder and Logger, and an insta-save and recall function for custom profiles and screen image captures.

Kaltman Creations calls the Invisible Waves X software more of an “RF command center” than a regular analyzer. Its windows can be resized or moved around the screen, and smaller windows can either float on the screen, “dock” alongside the other windows or be closed and then reopened from the icons on the tool bar when needed. The company’s literature says, “This allows powerful flexibility. Once users become more familiar with the software they find themselves primarily using the Master Status Display (with all of their cataloged signals) and using the spectral screens only as needed.”

There are two models currently available: IWxLIVE (9KHz – 1.8GHz) and IWxAV (9KHz – 3.5GHz). The IWx analyzers are sold as complete kits which include AC adaptor/charger, multiple antennas, USB to PC connection, all enclosed in a pre-configured, laptop-sized, high-impact carrying case (an optional 4-hour Smart LiPO battery and amplified directional antenna are also available).

For more information visit www.RFAnalyzers.com.

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