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Ideal Impact Marks Two-Year Anniversary with $4.7 Million in Sales, New Texas Offices

Providing customized energy plans for churches and Christian schools

In just two years, Ideal Impact Inc. of Grapevine, Texas, has grown in all the right ways – employees, customers, and sales. What began as a home-based operation with two employees in March 2009 is now a thriving enterprise with 31 employees, 70 customers and more than $4.7 million in bookings. Most significantly, the employee-owned company has sold projects worth $101 million towards its goal to generate $1 billion for Christian ministry through energy savings dollars.

As a result of its growth, Ideal Impact moved into a 3,700-square-foot historic building in downtown Grapevine on March 18, 2011, which will provide ample space for the rapidly growing company that works with churches, Christian schools and other faith-based organizations throughout Texas to generate revenue through energy savings.

During the past year, Ideal Impact signed energy savings contracts with 53 customers throughout Dallas-Fort Worth totaling more than $3.7 million, including: Fellowship Bible Church Arapaho; Capstone Church; Grace Bible Church; Faith Christian School; First Baptist Church, Hurst; First Baptist Church, Midlothian; University Baptist Church; Retta Baptist Church; Lake Worth Baptist Church; First Baptist Church, Lakeside; Center Point Church; Bible Way Community Baptist; Hillcrest Baptist Church, Cedar Hill; and Ridglea Baptist Church.

Wes McDaniel, founder and CEO of Ideal Impact, attributes the company’s success to God and the simple fact that most organizations don’t realize the substantial dollars that can be easily achieved through energy reduction and allocated for other purposes.

“We continue to exceed all of our expectations and are amazed at how quickly our message has spread,” says McDaniel. “Referral is always the best source of marketing, and the dollars we’ve saved for customers speaks for itself. Not only are we helping churches and Christian schools fund short-term needs, but the long-term savings and environmental impact are incredible.”

Through a systematic analysis of energy usage, operational equipment and occupant behavior, Ideal Impact delivers a customized energy plan that addresses both short-term needs and long-term goals. By implementing a proactive energy efficiency plan, combined with energy education training, they are able to yield surplus funds, obtain needed facility improvements and have a positive environmental impact.

Regardless of size or age of a building, comprehensive or individual energy conservation measures can be implemented that will improve comfort and decrease energy usage:

•  HVAC mechanical equipment

•  Temperature controls

•  Building automation systems

•  Electrical service

•  Lighting retrofit

•  Repair and upgrade

•  Energy efficiency training

Most significantly, projects are a positive cash flow from the start with no up front costs or lease-purchase/loan to repay, McDaniel reports.

For more information, please visit www.idealimpactinc.com.

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