GoFishMedia Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage solution allows you to display both slideshow and video announcements on any TV in your church that supports HDMI via wired or wireless connection. Prepare content on-site or off-site and schedule the player to pull content to be displayed.

The GoFishMedia Digital Signage solution gives churches the ability to create and display text, image or video announcements to their congregations via the cloud on any TV with an HDMI input. But before we explain all of the features of this product, let's define some important terms.  Signage Production PC: This is a Windows-based computer that will have the digital signage editing software installed (see Signage Editor image). This computer will require an Internet connection.  Signage Channel: This is the medium through which your digital signage announcements (or campaigns) are carried via the cloud from the signage production PC to the signage player connected to the TV displaying the information (see Signage Channels image). Channels are purchased on a recurring subscription basis.  Signage Player: The signage player is a micro PC that is connected to an HDMI input on a TV or monitor. It receives the campaign being published to a signage channel. The player can be connected to the Internet using either its internal Wi-Fi adapter or an Ethernet cable (a USB to Ethernet adapter is provided). Signage players are purchased on a per unit basis.  Now let's discuss the process of how this solution works. First, a user creates a campaign on their production PC. Campaigns can include text, images, and videos (see Digital Signage 1 and Digital Signage 2 images). Once the campaign is published to a channel any player that is configured to receive information on that channel will download the campaign. The TV then displays the campaign. Campaigns can be edited and re-published effectively updating all of the players simultaneously and instantaneously, again regardless of their location.  There are three distinct features of our digital signage solution that make this product perfect for churches. First, campaigns can be created on an unlimited number of signage production PCs. This can include (but is not limited to) a church office computer, a staff member's laptop, or even a volunteer's home PC.  Second, a campaign can be pushed out to an unlimited number of signage players regardless of where they are located, as long as they are connect to the Internet. This means churches can display a campaign onto multiple TVs located at one campus or even at multiple campus locations.  Third, signage campaigns can be scheduled to be displayed based on a pre-arranged schedule (see Signage Scheduler image). For example, a church could create and publish a campaign on Thursday that is scheduled to be displayed in the main foyer on Sunday morning. The scheduler (which is part of the signage editing software) can even instruct the TV to turn on in at 8:15 AM, display the campaign for both the 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM services, and then turn off the TV at 12:45 PM.  Multiple schedules can also be pre-arranged. So the same Sunday morning campaign could be presented for a mid-week service by scheduling the TV to turn on an hour before the services begins and off an hour after the service ends. But, let's say the church wants to display an entirely different campaign for their mid-week service, like a class schedule. They could publish the new campaign on Monday and have set to display on Wednesday.  Not only does this solution offer incredible flexibility, it is also completely expandable. Additional players can be purchased to display a single campaign to any number of TV displays. And additional channels can also be purchased allowing churches to either send unique campaigns to different players located in a particular area of a church (like a main foyer and a youth center) or to entirely different locations like multiple campuses in completely different cities or states. By using any combination of channels and players the expansion potential of this solution is unlimited. Plus, campaigns can be created, edited, published, and displayed from anywhere in the world!  Features of this solution include:  - Unlimited expandability - Display multiple campaigns per channel - Create campaigns from any Windows computer - Import images and videos from outside sources - Includes one year of unlimited access to an online library of high quality digital media - Signage players are preconfigured to be plug and play ready - Broadcast to multiple on-site or off-site locations simultaneously - Unlimited desktop remote support - Customizable campaign layout - Wired or wireless connection   GoFishMedia has specifically created this product for churches; but, as you can see, the implementation possibilities are endless.

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