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Global Truss America LED Truss Warmer

Global Truss America, supplier of high-quality stage and lighting trussing, launches its first-ever lighting product a color-changing LED truss warmer designed specifically to fit inside the company's square truss. Powered by nine ultra-bright one-watt LEDs (three red, three, green, three blue LEDs), the new TW-RGB9 Truss Warmer uses RGB color mixing to turn any rig into a rainbow of colors, for an amazing uplighting effect at concerts, stage productions, nightclubs, DJ shows or any entertainment venue.

Featuring DMX-512 protocol, the TW-RGB9 can create thousands of dazzling colors, produce stunning color changes, and perform color fades with 0-100% electronic dimming. It's also equipped with pre-programmed color macros and a built-in microphone for sound-active operation, allowing it to be used without a controller.

Designed from the inside out to serve the function of a truss warmer, the TW-RGB9 is compact in size yet extremely powerful. It has a unique triangular shape, which allows it to be easily inserted into F34 and F44 square truss. Another exclusive feature is the color of its case, a soft silver finish, which blends in perfectly with steel or aluminum trussing.

"There are many lights being used as truss warmers, but the TW-RGB9 is unique because it was designed specifically for this purpose by a company whose actual expertise is in truss," says Ken Kahn, national sales manager, Global Truss America. "Because of this, the TW-RGB9 isn't just another great RGB color-mixing LED light, it's also got the perfect triangular shape and small footprint to fit trussing, and it looks awesome on stage."

The TW-RGB9 is also a very versatile light that can be used by professional lighting designers and novices alike. Equipped with three- and five-pin DMX connections, the seven-channel unit offers lighting pros the flexibility to blend customized colors and program their own light show with a DMX controller. But for those who don't want to get involved with DMX, the TW-RGB9 also offers a number of exciting "plug and play" modes. There are five operating modes in all: Color Macro Mode, Color Fade Mode, RGB Mode, Sound-Active Mode and DMX Control Mode.

Although it's a truss "warmer," the TW-RGB9 will stay cool on stage, thanks to its LED lamps, which generate very little heat. This keeps the temperature more comfortable for performers on stage and audience members. LEDs are also very energy efficient and they last many times longer than halogen or discharge lamps, so the TW-RGB9 will save users money on electricity and maintenance costs.

Dealers and rental houses, too, can benefit from carrying a light that was designed as a "partner" for trussing, notes Kahn. "By displaying the TW-RGB9 dealers can generate extra add-on purchases. The TW-RGB9 looks so good with truss that it pretty much sells itself," says Kahn.

The TW-RGB9 Truss Warmer has an MSRP of $358.95.

For more information, contact global Truss America at 323-415-6225 or visit www.globaltruss.com.

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