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Fellowship Bible Church

CDH Partners worked with Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia to help them develop a plan to provide space for their growing student ministry. Additionally, conferences, group meetings and other church events utilize the facility. The building provides many multipurpose opportunities for the entire church family and the community.

CDH Partners worked with Fellowship Bible Church located in Roswell, Georgia to help them develop a plan to provide space for their growing student ministry.  The church wanted to explore all options within the existing building and campus.  Their ideas ranged from enclosing a courtyard in the center of the facilities, to renovating a former residence located on the east side of the campus. Key factors for the leaders of Fellowship Bible Church included providing a safe and inviting environment that promotes fellowship, and spiritual growth opportunities.  Ultimately, the decision was made to construct a new building, for the student ministries, adjacent to their existing , facility.  The design team worked with focus groups that included church and youth ministry leadership,  and most importantly, middle school and high school students.  After a series of meetings, we knew what really mattered to the church in terms of the elements to be included in our design solution.  Priority planning items included:  Direct connection to outdoor activity spaces.  Covered outdoor gathering spaces Common area that would include pre-function space for both ministries Café  High School assembly space for 300 Middle School assembly space for 300 (that can be expanded to 500) Accommodations for small groups without constructing "classroom spaces"  The Student Ministries Facility was designed and constructed to complement the adjacent building.  This was accomplished utilizing matching brick accents, exterior insulation, and finish system for the exterior building materials.  Additionally, low sloped roof lines and large overhangs are included.  The design team decided to utilize exposed wood trusses at the covered outdoor spaces.  As you approach the building there are large spaces for gathering outside and two "front porches" covered by a shed roof with exposed wood trusses.  These spaces have tables, seating and wall mounted video monitors.  Entering the building from the porch space, there is a café seating area on the right (east) side, a café counter in the center and restrooms on the left.  The center of the building is a large open mall space with clerestory windows the entire length of the space.  The café counter is on one end and a glazed entry/exit on the opposite end.  Small group spaces were also created in this open mall by integrating architectural features that not only serve as small seating areas but also provide interesting elements.  On the east side of the mall, there are what was referred to the by the team as "zig-zag walls".  Forty-five-degree walls that go in and out along the length of the space that create small meeting opportunities in the space and inside the adjacent assembly room.  On the opposite side of the mall there are seating stalls that create more small group opportunities.  Additional small group meeting spaces for students included the seating areas in the center of the mall, the café area and the outdoor "porch" spaces.  The overall color scheme for the interior is warm greys and browns with bright accent colors. Materials such as wood, carpet and luxury vinyl tile were used in such a way to create a very natural feel. The main feature in the great hall is the large wood wall that cantilevers out over the café counter. A large LED pendant is hung from the cantilevered wood and centered above the counter to further emphasize the space. The interior design is focused around creating intimate and casual group areas within an open floor plan. Through the use of different architectural elements, several unique seating areas were created to encourage gathering as a community. The two assembly rooms continue to enhance the concept of community gathering by creating classrooms or informal seating areas within the large group area. Both rooms are very similar in design, but are distinguished by the accent paint colors. Overall the scheme of the new addition is very warm, and lively,  creating a variety of opportunities for various types of groups and activities.  This unique facility provides two spaces for assembly.  One space is for the Middle School ministry and has seating for 300 students.  This capacity can be expanded to 500, when operable walls creating several small group spaces are stacked and stored.  This space also has dynamic audio, video and performance lighting systems.  The high school ministry space accommodates 300 students.  It includes the "zig-zag wall" small group spaces.  The same audio/video and performance lighting system is included in this student worship space.  The results of the planning and visioning sessions have provided an exciting and dynamic ministry tool for the students at Fellowship Bible Church.  Additionally, conferences, special group meetings and other church events utilize the student ministries facility.  The building provides many multipurpose opportunities for the entire church family.  It is an immediate overflow space that can accommodate more than 800 for special events and simulcast services.  Most importantly it provides about four to five times more space than the students had before. The existing (old) student space has been repurposed to provide for other ministries within the church.  The goal of the design team was to capture the vision of the church and more importantly that of the students while planning for their new home.  We wanted to design unique spaces that would empower the ministry and support their efforts to share the TRUTH as they shape one their most important and treasured assets.  Their STUDENTS!  The building is only a structure with different spaces, but it is much, much more for the young people that meet there now.  And we hope it will continue to be a special place for many, many more years for the future generations that will be coming.

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