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Featured Product: Piksel Faith Digital Signage DS4

Featured Product: Piksel Faith Digital Signage DS4

Piksel Faith's DS4 is an online digital signage solution purposely built and specifically designed to display daily multimedia content

It's easy to streamline users' communication efforts by integrating digital signage within the ministry's outreach. With DS4, the church is able to deliver rich content and live video messages to congregants any time, at any place throughout a building or church campus.

By utilizing DS4 users, are able broaden community involvement and increase church engagement.

Features include:

Custom Multi-Media Content
Churches can use a template-builder to create custom slides and brand-oriented content to enhance messaging with in-set video, live feeds and sound.

Custom Animation
Animated content can be added to change the appearance of slides and information. Group video and slides can be added to playlists for running at specific times or in a loop.

Content can be allocated to a specific screen or group of screens.

New product offerings, along with bookstore discounts and other information about member-owned businesses, can be easily shared.

Live Updates
Share local weather and traffic updates. Share relevant news updates with RSS feeds.

DS4 works with multiple platforms. Users can employ a Windows 7 or Android platform to share user content.

OVP Integration
The digital signage solution works with Piksel Faith's Online Video Platform (OVP). Users can simply pull the video content from users' OVP account to the template builder to get started.

Stream Services
Users can stream services live or on-demand from anywhere within users' church or campus. Share with the church body such information as worship sessions, scripture passages or upcoming messages or events.

Event Promotions
Churches can promote special events or services or generate awareness of mission and volunteer activities. Churchgoers can be kept informed by highlighting upcoming events.

Room Locations
Churches can display the location of meetings and events, bible studies and Sunday school sessions. Use digital signage as a directional tool for large campuses.

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