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ETC Now Shipping Unison Paradigm Lighting Control Systems

After two product awards at the Worship Facilities Conference and Expo in Houston and a win for Best Debuting Product at LDI 2008, ETC's new Unison Paradigm lighting control system is now shipping for the North American market.

Joe Bokelman, ETC's architectural market manager says, "Paradigm's much-anticipated release is a boon to facilities looking right now for comprehensive and energy-efficient lighting control. Paradigm scales to venues of any type—from schools and houses of worship to resorts, theaters, and theme parks."

Unison with Paradigm control promises complete, easy to use facility-lighting and building-systems integration. The system fuses ETC's expertise in architectural and entertainment lighting control, resulting in dramatic efficiencies and effects. Paradigm offers green-minded energy-management tools that capitalize on daylight-harvesting, occupancy sensing and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings; a deep library of lighting fixtures (conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, and more) for effects; and advanced networking that enables devices from different manufacturers to operate together over the same control system.

Paradigm's LightDesigner software, allows real-time control or design-on-the-fly with no entertainment control console or lighting playback controller required. LightDesigner simplifies the process from installation and configuration through lighting design and daily use.

For more on ETC's Unison Paradigm lighting control, go to www.etcconnect.com/unison

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