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enLux Lighting Introduces New Down Light LED Module

enLux Lighting, an award-winning innovator in LED (light emitting diode) technology, announces the international release of their Down Light LED Module.

Designed for residential and commercial recessed fixtures, for new home construction or replacement in existing recessed cans, the Down Light LED Module is a lighting solution advancement that is cost effective. Fitting most five or six inch recessed housings without modification, the Down Light LED Module is easy to install and its flush ceiling mounted trim is available in standard and custom colors.

The enLux Down Light RAGB (Red, Amber, Green and Blue) LED Module is available in three tones of white lightwarm, neutral, and coolfor general illumination lighting; and for accent and ambiance d├ęcor lighting in standard colors of red, amber, green, blue and custom colors from the CIE 1931 Chromaticity Chart. The enLux Down Light LED Module exceeds industry lighting performance standards with 700 lumens of output. It boasts a 160 degree beam spread, while only using 15 watts of power consumption. This Down Light LED Module replaces inefficient incandescent and fluorescent lighting with enLux's patented RAGB technology, providing excellent visual performance and high color rendering.

The enLux RAGB LED technology mixes Red, Amber, Green and Blue LEDs, producing white light. "Our RAGB technology is based on state-of-the-art optical mixing, emitting uniform, vivid white or color light", states DJ Chou, Director of Engineering at enLux Lighting.

The enLux RAGB Down Light LED Module saves more than 70% energy compared to incandescent lighting for new and remodeled houses. In addition to the standard screw base, the enLux Down Light LED Module is available in a GU-24 pin base model to insure that only high energy efficient lights are specified and used in ENERGY STAR qualified houses and buildings. Also exceeding California Title 24 Energy Efficiency and Performance Requirements, the enLux Down Light LED Module is the lightest weight among similar down light LED products.

All enLux LED Lighting products are environmentally friendly and "green", including the new Down Light LED Module. enLux products are 100% recyclable and do not contain any toxic gases or hazardous materials, meeting compliance with California Title 22 Hazardous Waste Requirements, contrary to incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. Important to new construction and existing reconstruction, fewer circuit breakers are needed and no ballast, separate wiring or transformer is required for the installation of the enLux Down Light LED Module.

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