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Elation Platinum Beam 5R

Features Phillips MSD Platinum 5R lamp that runs on 189 watts

Elation announces the new Platinum Beam 5R fixture with the new MSD Platinum 5R lamp from Philips, an innovation the company says allows manufacturers to design fixtures that are much more compact and energy efficient.  Elation says that although it looks like a traditional ACL effect, with a concentrated “searchlight” type beam that’s comparable to much higher wattage fixtures in brightness, the Platinum Beam 5R’s lamp runs on only 189 watts. The company also says that the new light source lasts much longer than a traditional discharge lamp – 2,000 hours on average and that the Platinum Beam 5R is much smaller than a typical beam moving head, weighing just 34.2 lbs./ 15.5 kg, and measuring a scaled-down 14.1”L x 13.2”W x 18.5”H/ 358 x 335 x 470mm.

Elation lists additional features for the Platinum Beam 5R including 12 dichroic colors, eight rotating/indexing gobos, a three-facet prism effect or eight-facet prism option, a frost filter, which diffuses the Platinum Beam 5R’s hard-edge 2.5°-angle beam, allowing this versatile fixture to do double duty as a hybrid beam/wash effect, a variable speed shutter/strobe and 0-100% mechanical dimmer. Other features include three-pin and five-pin DMX connectors, the ability to pan 540° or 630° and tilt 265° and an output of 2,634 foot-candles at 75 feet.


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