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Elation To Focus On More Compact, Energy-Efficient Fixtures

Elation Professional is addressing the growing demand for fixtures that are more streamlined and energy-efficient, yet deliver output comparable or superior to larger, power-thirsty units of the past.

Among the noteworthy fixtures are the Design Spot LED, E Spot LED and Platinum Spot 5R—the first two powered by LED light sources, and the third featuring revolutionary Philips MSD Platinum 5R Lamp Technology. “All three of these products represent exciting technological breakthroughs. They provide the power and brightness typically associated with a much larger fixture in an amazingly small and energy-efficient package,” says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional.

Here is a closer look at these three fixtures:

Platinum Spot 5R – This DMX moving head produces an output comparable to a 575-watt fixture, yet is half the size, uses less than half the energy and weighs half as much as a typical 250-watt fixture!.  The secret is its advanced MSD Platinum 5R technology, a revolutionary lamp source from Philips, which rated at 2,000 hours, also burns twice as long as a conventional 575-watt fixture’s lamp.  Additionally, the Platinum Spot 5R moves faster than traditional moving heads on pan and tilt, as well as on color-gobo changes. It offers a full complement of professional design features, including: 8 dichroic colors; 22 gobos (8 rotating/indexing, 14 static); 3-Facet Rotating Prism effect; Variable Frost; Motorized Iris; Motorized Focus; Variable speed Shutter/Strobe; and 0-100% Mechanical Dimmer.

Design Spot LED—  An LED-powered version of Elation’s popular Design Spot 250 Pro DMX moving head, the Design Spot LED weighs less than the original model while offering output equal to a 250-watt discharge lamp plus an extended 50,000-hour LED lamp life.  It offers all the same features as the original, including a Variable Frost Filter, which allows it to function as a hybrid spot/wash effect, and a Motorized Iris and Motorized Focus. Nine dichroic colors, 14 gobos (7 rotating/indexing, 7 static) and a 3-facet Rotating/Indexing Prism are also included.

E Spot LED – A 14-channel DMX spot effect with a 50,000-hour rated LED light source, the E Spot LED has an output greater than a standard 150-watt discharge fixture, while consuming about half the energy. At a featherweight 25 lbs. and petite 8”L x 11.8”W x 17.2”H, it’s packed with features for its compact size, including 8 dichroic colors, 7 rotating/indexing gobos, 3 rotating/indexing prisms (3-facet, 5-facet and 3D), Motorized Focus, Variable Speed Shutter/Strobe and 0-100% Mechanical Dimmer.

For more information, contact Elation Professional. U.S. Headquarters: +1-323-582-3322, www.elationlighting.com . Netherlands: +31 (0)45 546 85 00, www.elationlighting.eu

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