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Elation ART-1024 DMX Wall-Mount Keypad

Elation Professional’s new ART-1024 touch-sensitive DMX wall-mount controller is an advanced and affordable architectural lighting control solution. The ART-1024 lets users run all of a building’s DMX fixtures and different lighting zones from one compact keypad unit.

The ART-1024 comes with its own proprietary software to program shows and scenes from a PC. Then, once lighting programs have been created, they can be uploaded and triggered on the ART-1024’s convenient touch-sensitive keypad.

Designed as a single-controller solution for all types of DMX lighting, the ART-1024’s programming software includes built-in effects for multi-categories of fixtures: LEDs, moving lights and dimmers. It features two DMX universes, providing the capacity to control a total of 1,024 channels.

In addition to different types of fixtures, the ART-1024 can take command of lighting in different areas, rooms and spaces within a building. The trim, compact unit can control up to five different zones, with up to eight different programs in each zone. For example, operators can designate a foyer, hallway, cafe, classroom and sanctuary as separate zones, each with their own lighting programs triggered to change at different times of day.

Like the shows themselves, the zones can be created in the easy-to-use software then transferred to the ART-1024’s memory. The software includes a real-time clock and calendar, allowing users to program specific times and dates for shows to play in each zone. The shows will then be triggered and turned off automatically without requiring an operator to run the controller. Lighting fixtures can also be set to move and chase to music, thanks to an internal microphone and audio input that are built into the unit.

The ART-1024 was created to provide a complete control solution to complement Elation’s growing ELAR line of architectural lighting fixtures, says Eric Loader, the company’s director of sales. “Our customers told us that they wanted an easy and affordable way to program and control all of the DMX lighting within an architectural installation. The small but powerful ART-1024 offers just such a solution. Its programming software is very simple to use, yet it can handle virtually any type of DMX-compatible fixture, and it can run lighting in different zones simultaneously. Plus, like all Elation products, it offers a great value—its price is much lower than you might expect to pay for this type of control package,” says Loader.

Developed by the same designers who created Elation’s popular CompuLive PC-based lighting control software, the ART-1024 package includes: the keypad unit, PC programming software; USB cable for unit-to-PC connection; user manual; power supply; and 512MB mini SD card, which serves as the unit’s memory. One handy feature is that the controller’s memory can be expanded by upgrading to a larger SD card (not included), since the unit will accept cards of more than 512MB.

Continual upgrades to the controller and software will also be available from Elation. The company plans to add new, advanced features to the ART-1024 in mid-2009, including a dedicated remote control and Ethernet networking. Some future features will require a firmware upgrade, which will be provided to customers free of charge.

The MSRP of the ART-1024 lighting control package is $1,199.95. PC requirements to run the ART-1024’s programming software include a Windows XP or Vista operating system, 32 bits and USB 2.0.

For more information, call Elation Professional toll-free at 1-866-245-6726 or visit www.elationlighting.com Email: info@elationlighting.com

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