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Eckel Industries Sound-Absorbing "V" Ridge Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Lay-in Panels (ALPs) now available from Eckel Industries, Inc., Cambridge, MA, are designed for upgrading/correcting the performance and appearance of acoustic ceilings in commercial, religious, and institutional facilities.

With the introduction of the “V” ridged style of ALPs (V-ALPs) and its addition to the standard ALPs series, an even greater degree of design freedom is available. More specifically, the new V-ALPs are advertised to provide the same outstanding noise and reverberation reduction to an area as the standard flat ALPs, but offer a way to create an interesting three-dimensional pattern to ceiling surfaces. The panels add sound absorption to any existing room with a 2x2 or 2x4 lay-in ceiling and can also be used for achieving desired sound control in newly constructed facilities.

Eckel Industries executives say V-ridged ALPs can be installed with minimal labor and virtually no disruption of normal activities in an area. "Since as little as 1/3 of a lay-in ceiling needs to have V-ALPs installed to obtain and maintain the required acoustic atmosphere, the panels are a very cost-effective solution to quieting requirements in restaurants, administrative offices, hallways and gathering spaces, and retail and similar operations. The panels also economically achieve the desired maximum ceiling sound absorption in applications such as broadcast studios, music practice rooms, computer rooms, and auditoriums."

The V-ALPs are fabricated from 24-gage-electrozinc steel or aluminum, V-ridged. The faces perforated with the open area exceeding 23-percent. Standard color is white. However, a wide range of optional colors are available, allowing panels to match or complement interior decor.

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