Eagles View Church

The construction of Eagles View Church consisted of 15,000 and associated site work. The facility includes a 300 seat worship room, large commons, cafe, children's classrooms, youth area and administrative offices. Construction came in on time and under budget with savings returned to the church.

Goff Companies first met with the leadership of Eagle's View Church in 2010.  Attendance was growing rapidly and the small facility was completely packed for each of the three Sunday Worship Experiences.  There was no room for growth in the Worship Room, Children's Ministry spaces or parking.  The Church had identified a dynamic piece of property to which it desired to relocate.  Unfortunately, its limited-capacity Worship Room restricted the Church's ability to grow large enough to afford a re-location and remain financially healthy.  Initially we considered expanding the current location to remove growth barriers, however existing facilities already maxed out the site and there was no adjacent property to purchase.  The Church decided to purchase the relocation site and work toward paying it off.  Over the next few years, additional Worship Service times were added and debt on the property was attacked.  In 2014, with the extinguishment of debt in sight, Goff Companies partnered with Eagle's View Church to develop a Strategic Plan for relocation.  Church leadership desired relocating to a facility at least double the existing capacity so that it could accommodate growth with fewer Worship Services.  However, remaining financially healthy was also a top priority.  Goff Companies aided Eagle's View in development of an overall Project Budget.  Too many churches get into trouble by focusing only on hard construction cost and not calculating added costs required to complete the project.  Most churches understand it must include architectural design fees but may not be aware of additional engineer design like civil, geotechnical and environmental.  Other costs such as furnishings, audio/video/lighting, construction material testing and way-finding are often not accounted for in project budgets.  These additional costs required for the church to spend, in addition to construction, can total 15%-25% of the overall project cost and, if not budgeted up-front, create tremendous financial pressure during the project.  To accomplish relocation onto the newly acquired property and remain fiscally responsible, an initial construction phase including a 485-seat Worship Room with balanced support areas was developed.  The design team, led by Goff Companies, worked diligently to develop an aesthetically pleasing and functional facility that fit the Church's financial capacity.  The facility had to meet the demands of Eagle's View Church's ministry model and be easily expandable in a manner that would allow use of the building during expansion.  While significant effort was made regarding materials and construction type, a concerted effort was placed on developing a balanced facility.  Understanding there is no right way to build the wrong thing, great effort was devoted to determining the size and placement of the buildings.  The number of seats in the Worship Room must equate to the capacity of the Children's ministry area and number of parking spaces.  Every church has a different make-up in these areas. Over-building any of those areas during the initial phase would have increased costs and diminished the size of the overall project. A facility that matched the specific DNA of Eagle's View had to be developed, with each area having an expansion strategy to accommodate future growth.  A major consideration regarding cost efficiency had to do with the layout of the building on the property.  To minimize cuts and fills, the building was placed strategically on the property to fit the existing topography and avoid a high-pressure underground gas line that crossed the property.  It is estimated the simple placement of the building on the site saved the church significant dollars.  Construction of the 15,000 s.f. facility began in 2016 and was completed two months early and under budget in in time for Easter Services in 2017.  In fact, the project came in $100,000 under the Guaranteed Maximum Price, with all cost savings going to the Church.  One of the unique features of the building is the blending of various mixed exterior finishes that give the building a distinctive appearance from a typical religious facility. This allows the facility to stand out from other buildings located in close proximity.  Adjacent property surrounding the building is heavily wooded which blends well with the extra building set back from the front property line.  Well-designed landscaping compliments the visual effects of the building.  The front entry of the building includes a shade structure consisting of powder coated metal columns and beams with triangular canvas shade covering. This allows for the indoor commons area to extend to an exterior gathering/seating area with access to a coffee bar located adjacent to the front entry.  Construction was completed simultaneous with ongoing improvements to the main frontage road.  Infrastructure, including a storm drainage system, was developed and the street widened which restricted entry to the site.  Additionally, construction was hindered by one of the wettest rain cycles in DFW history.  Despite these challenges, the project was completed two months ahead of schedule to accomplish the Church's goal of opening for Easter Services.

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