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Digital Bible Platform Generates 100 Million+ Audience

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) of Albuquerque, N.M., began as a small tape lending library in 1972. Originally known as Hosanna, the company's early work in providing Audio Bibles revolved around English recordings and focused on sales to U.S. churches. In the mid 1980s, the ministry began to record Audio Scripture in various languages of the world, which they refer to as heart languages. Going from cassette tapes to CDs and then to a solar-powered digital device they call the Proclaimer, the ministry estimates reaching more than 50 million people with Audio Scriptures in its first 37 years of work.

Nearly three years ago, FCBH introduced the Digital Bible Platform and began providing free access to these digital Audio Bible recordings through streaming, direct downloads from their site, podcast downloads in the iTunes store and on mobile devices via the Bible.is family of apps. As a result of this technology, as well as an expanding catalog that now includes Bible recordings in more than 700 languages, FCBH has seen Bible engagement from over 100 million people across its online platform.

Those seeking God's Word are able to engage through text and audio, as well as video from the "Jesus" film and the ministry's newly introduced Deaf Bible.is app.

"I remember starting out in ministry by handing out pamphlets on the street to people who passed by. We never knew if anyone really read them or if it got them to read their Bible," states Jerry Jackson, found and president of FCBH. "But now we can actually see when someone interacts with God's Wordwhat language they are listening to and how long they are listening, or how long they are viewing a video. It's certainly an exciting time to be laboring in the field of Great Commission work."

While the ministry is recognizing this significant milestone, they are aware this is just one more stepping stone along the path toward their ultimate goal of providing access to the Good News in a format that can be used by every nation, tribe and tongue.

"This job will only be completed by the Body of Christthe churchcoming together and working together to fulfill the command to go into all the world and proclaim the gospel.' This is our work, and we are honored to stand side-by-side with our countless partners throughout the world who are committed to completing the task," Jackson says.


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