Compass Christian Church

Compass Christian Church consisted of a 20,000 s.f. new satellite campus. The facility incorporated a 450 seat auditorium, large commons, indoor/outdoor coffee bar, children's area, open offices and a first steps area for new guests. This facility was the first satellite campus completed by Compass Christian.

Compass Christian Church is a vibrant and fast-growing congregation located in the DFW area. Goff Companies became involved with Compass in 2013 when its incredibly strong growth rate began to slow due to issues with facility capacity. The home campus is located on three corners of a busy residential intersection.  Although total property owned is significant, the three tracts are not contiguous, presenting difficulty in constructing a single facility large enough to accommodate the growing crowds.  At the home campus, four identical, live weekend Worship experiences are offered.  There is also a live music/video message-formatted Worship Service in one of its venues across the intersection from the primary Worship Center.  The church recently started a live music/live message-format satellite campus in a school auditorium in a nearby community.  After completing our Step 1 proprietary process for facility expansion (S.A.F.E.), Compass decided to increase its focus on growing through Satellite Campuses.  The Church purchased a tract of land on the major highway through the town of Roanoke, TX.  Without hiring a Contractor as part of the design team, the Church engaged an architect to design a new facility for its Roanoke, TX campus.  After bidding to multiple Contractors after design completion, project costs for the newly designed facility were over budget.  Goff Companies was asked to assist in value-engineering and identified numerous areas of cost-savings throughout the project.  In addition to several items in which the Church wanted to add, Goff Companies delivered the project on-time and was able to return to Compass Church over $200,000 in savings without impacting appearance or function.  The beautiful 20,000 s.f. edifice was completed in time for Christmas Services in 2016.  It is the only church building of its kind in the area and is the first church located in this strategic corridor.  Its 450-seat Worship Center requires multiple services to accommodate attendees.  Moving Worship Services from the school auditorium has seen attendance grow even more than anticipated.  The first weekend saw over 2,000 guests in attendance.  The Phase 2 expansion is already under construction, less than 9 months after completion of Phase 1.  One of the major obstacles that had to be addressed was regarded site development.  The property had a tremendous location but was costly to build upon. The site was unbalanced, requiring 30,000 yards of imported material.  With the imported material a 300 foot retaining wall reaching 20 feet at its peak had to be incorporated to allow the facility to sit at the optimum position in relation to the major highway frontage the property offered.

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