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Cleveland Church Restored, Receives Enhanced Sound and Video

Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, a cornerstone of Cleveland worship since 1931, is a forward-thinking congregation with a strong sense of tradition. The church's 1,500-seat sanctuary, originally constructed in 1954, recently underwent an in-depth renovation. Tom George, Director of Installations for the company Eighth Day Sound explains: "Olivet wants to reach younger people they understand that the demographic is changing and a more contemporary worship style is a big part of that."

Sound and video at Olivet was enhanced with the addition of HD cameras, a video switcher, and large-scale projection screens. However, the highlight of this new system upgrade is the Renkus-Heinz VARIA modular point-source loudspeaker system. According to George, the sanctuary space had its share of unique hurdles to overcome: "Although the exterior of the building has a peaked roof, the sanctuary's ceiling is flat, and relatively low only around 25 feet in height. So going with the traditional line-array would have created line-of-sight issues. Moreover, we were faced with a 400-pound weight restriction, which made the design even more problematic."

With a need to accommodate a traditional gospel choir as well as plugged-in bands and speakers, VARIA's features in addition to modular and flexible enclosures were a good fit for the large, yet acoustically challenging space. VARIA allowed Eighth Day Sound to create a system that delivers traditional line-array coverage while using fewer cabinets decreasing weight, visual impact, and cost. "VARIA delivered the coverage we needed, along with the power of performance. It looks great, and sounds great," George announces. The result is powerful even coverage across the sanctuary's main floor and balcony.

Improved lighting and streaming systems are next on Olivet's in-depth renovation checklist.


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