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Church Construction Expedition Begins October 21st

Cornerstone Conferences wants you to get ready for "THE CHURCH CONSTRUCTION EXPEDITION.” A national study of over 1,600 unchurched people will be "unpacked” at this conference October 21st in Dalton, Georgia. You'll learn how the unchurched view sacred space, third place spaces and what they like and don't like about church building design. The conference also invites you to learn new design strategies for the digital age, to match your church's DNA to your new building, and how to select planning and building teams as well as how to create "connecting environments that promote belonging.

The Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN), a select group of church-focused firms who are developing innovative building and leadership solutions for ministry challenges. The mission of CKN is to "discover and disseminate meaningful knowledge that radically improves how church facilities impact ministry.” Each year, new independent research on church building issues is funded to provide valuable statistics and real-life case studies to empower church leaders across the country.

At a Cornerstone Conference, you’ll discover research-based information, such as:

*The critical attribute present in the 80% of churches that grew after construction, according to a recent study.

*What unchurched people like and don't like about church facilities.

*How to create "connecting environments" vital to belonging, a critical issue for post-boomer ministry.

*How to prepare for the typical leadership growth pains of rapid post-construction growth.

*Discover communication strategies that tie the hearts of your congregation to the "compelling call" of the church.

*How to open your congregation to the blessings of stewardship.

*How to build irresistible worship centers that connect your audience to your message.

and much more!

See video clips about the conference at www.cornerstoneconferences.com

Register now online or call 888-595-7360 today!

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