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Christian Archives Provides Churches With Resource for Storing and Sharing Church Materials

Christian Archives (www.christianarchives.org) has officially launched a new website providing churches with an optimumand freeresource to store and archive their video, audio and document files, plus much more. Members can seach and download the files 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Under development since January of 2007, Christian Archives is a private, independently owned entity created to assist churches in making the transition from traditional media storage and distribution to the online world of digital storage and distribution easiera world that’s more efficient, cost-effective, convenient, and immediate.

A Christian Archives Basic Church Membership is free. Members are supplied with 1.5 GB of storage capacity to archive their materialsroughly the equivalent of fifty 30-minute audio files or twenty-five 30-minute video files. Member churches can manage their own archives to stay within these limits indefinitely, or take advantage of cost-effective Tiered Membership levels to expand their storage space.

“Making multiple copies of audio and video files of worship services, sermons and other presentations for distribution to church members can be a costly and time-consuming task,” explains Julie M. Clark, CA vice president of sales and marketing. “We provide secure accessibility while removing the need for churches to deal with the hassle and expense of constantly duplicating, mailing and archiving CDs or DVDs.”

Church administrators have the option of saving files as “private” to restrict availability to only other approved members or "public" to provide access to all Christian Archive members. Individual members have the opportunity to search and access all non-restricted files on Christian Archives via powerful search functions.

Members benefit from a constantly expanding resource of a wide range of inspirational sermons, messages, worship services, musical performances and more that can all be downloaded directly on their computers or MP3 players. Further, Christian Archives also provides church administrators with tutorials and links to free software that make it easy to convert audio and video files to the site’s preferred .mp3 or .mp4 format.

Christian Archives provides members and visitors with a host of features including the Knowledge Base, a constantly growing resource of easy-to-search direct links to relevant articles, information and websites on more than 200 church and Christian topics. Topics range from theological to business to building materials, and everything in between.

Yet another Christian Archives feature is Marketplace, another constantly expanding resource that provides “locate, compare and contrast” shopping capability for a variety of church-related products and services.

As noted, Christian Archive membership is open to all churches and individuals, who can access and download any public materials. Private membership pages are protected by secure login and password, and CA servers are housed in a secure, third-party data center providing beyond-standard physical, operational and system security.

“Christian Archives was founded by individuals from various backgrounds who came together in the sharing and support of a common mission: to serve the online needs of churches and Christians in a meaningful way,” concludes Clark. “The goal is to transform the way church content can be stored, searched and shared among individuals, churches, denominations, and the worldwide Christian community.”

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