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Chief Short Throw Projector Mounting Solutions

Chief Manufacturing, an industry leader in projector, monitor and flat panel TV mounting solutions, announces a new line of short throw projector wall mounts and mounting kits.

The new short throw wall mounts include several installer-inspired features to ensure fast installation. Micro adjustments of height and leveling allow the installer to position the projector, regardless of the environment. They also feature built-in telescoping extension of up to 54 inches, innovative lateral shift capabilities when spanning multiple studs, and built-in cable management for a clean installation. The mounts are designed for safety in any environment.

Chief will offer six different mounts for single or dual stud mounting, each with a different extension range, as well as kits which include Chief’s all new RSMAU Mini RPA Elite projector mount for a complete short throw projector mounting system.

For more information, visit www.chiefmfg.com.

A Complete Whiteboard Solution

Chief also plans to release a wall bracket specially designed to mount a whiteboard over an existing chalkboard. This allows installers to use the wall space while avoiding costly removal of the chalkboard. When paired with a Chief short throw mounting system, you have a complete, state-of-the-art whiteboard solution.

Mounting Arms, Projector Mounts, and Whiteboard bracket sold separately.

RPA Elite Mini Mount

Chief’s new Mini RPA Elite is a miniature version of the popular RPA Elite (RPM) projector mount, perfect for smaller projectors. The mini mount features a newly designed universal projector interface bracket with convenient lamp and filter access, providing fast installation and servicing of the projector. At almost half the size of the original Elite mount, the new mini mount includes the same features, including micro-adjustments for registration, Centris fingertip positioning, and Q-Lock keyed locking. The mini RPA Elite maintains registration when disconnected, has integrated cable management and supports up to 25 lbs. Chief’s Mini RPA Elite and Mini RPA, as well as the standard RPA Elite and RPA, are compatible with the new Short Throw Projector Mount line.

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