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Central Broadcast Campus (Crosspoint Church)

Central Broadcast Campus (Crosspoint Church)

Though Pastor Pete Wilson's message was being broadcast live to four satellite campuses in the Nashville area, it was clear that CrossPoint Church was going to need a new central campus in order to accommodate the continued growth of its ministry.

The church found and acquired a new location in the heart of downtown Nashville, but in order to create an astounding environment there, it sought the assistance of Mankin Media Services.

The new location was essentially an unfinished building. Previously damaged by flooding, the space required much in the way of new infrastructure. Mankin Media began by creating a plan for a full design, along with integration of video and lighting.

Project Details

Central Broadcast Campus (Crosspoint Church)
Nashville, Tennessee
Project Size: 801-2,000 Seats
Completion: March 24, 2013

Integrating a complete architectural, electrical, structural, and mechanical plan, Mankin Media designed some "wild ideas to really wow' and astound audiences," reports CrossPoint Church. At the same time, Mankin Media kept user-experience and quality in mind in order to enhance the broadcast process.

Mankin Media worked closely with CrossPoint to fine-tune all the details of the video and lighting solutions for the new building. The core of the video system features two 18-foot-wide Absen, 6-mm LED side screens, and a 30-mm open frame LED digital backdrop controlled from a new central control and machine room. The two side screens tailor to the in-house audience by presenting a crisp, bright image of the video feed to either side of the auditorium. The screens present announcements, play videos, display lyrics, and create scenic environmental elements.

The digital backdrop LEDs have a wider pixel width because these modular, customizable screens are used entirely to create a scenic, modern, programmable background. This was designed with the remote audiences in mind to further communicate the mood and theme from the central campus.

To maximize efficiency and minimize expenses, Mankin Media repurposed such elements as CrossPoint's current cameras to work alongside the new systems. This required several control/network enhancements to introduce the new and old video gear into a seamless system.

Lighting centralized around a full broadcast-ready stage wash, augmented with Elation moving lights to intensify production and highlight key moments throughout a service. This included ten ETC conventional fixtures, six Elation intelligent fixtures, and all of the motors, rigging, and infrastructure.

The video and lighting systems were designed to work together (and compliment the auditorium's architectural infrastructure) to create the compelling space long-term with an efficient and dependable system.

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