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Butler Manufacturing’s Wall Systems for New, Retrofit Applications

Butler Manufacturing introduces three high-efficiency wall systems that enable community building decision-makers to prepare for anticipated changes to energy codes. The patented designs of the eShadowallT, eStylWall flat and eStylWall fluted wall systems enhance the energy efficiency of new and retrofit building applications.

"Buildings account for 36% of energy use in the U.S. and are poised to become an even larger target for consumption-saving initiatives," says Dave Evers, vice president of research and development for Butler Manufacturing. "Butler's suite of highly efficient wall systems provides a method for building owners, facility managers and engineers to achieve code compliance and gain operational savings."

The unique assembly designs of the eShadowall, eStylWall flat and eStylWall fluted wall systems (shown here) deliver significant life cycle savings, the company reports. Thermal spacer blocks are field-applied to the panels at structural fastening locationspreventing thermal short circuits, adding depth to accommodate thicker layers of insulation, and increasing thermal efficiency. Resulting thermal values are tested and validated through the accredited Guarded Hot Box testing lab at the Butler Research and Development Center in Grandview, Mo.

Other reported product benefits include:

* Ease of installation To ensure fast and accurate installation, the eShadowall wall system's 26-gauge panels and structural members can be factory-punched. The wall panels of the eStylWall flat and eStylWall fluted wall systems lock to conceal fasteners and provide for simple installation.

* Functional beauty Architecturally pleasing exteriors are created by the wall systems. For example, the eShadowall wall system features deep corrugations and semiconcealed fasteners; the eStylWall flat wall system uses fully concealed fasteners for a monolithic surface; and the eStylWall fluted wall system forms dramatic shadow effects on building exteriors.

* Durability A full-strength Butler-Cote fluoropolymer finish is standard to the wall systems, with a 25-year finish warranty against blistering, peeling, cracking or chipping.


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