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ATLAS I Packaging Server

The Atlas I Packaging Server enables churches to deliver 40+ channels of live and/or stored video to up to 1,000 simultaneous users. It converts transport streams into HLS or DASH, for delivery to mobile devices, Roku® players, and set-top boxes. Viewers can rewind, pause, and fast-forward live streams.

More than half of all video viewing now happens on mobile devices.  For churches, this is an excellent way to reach the community—millennials, young families, home-bound seniors, congregation members who want deeper spiritual resources, or anyone seeking a place to worship. The Atlas I Packaging Server makes it easy to stream IP video to many mobile devices at once.  It is a cost-efficient way for churches to deliver 40 or more channels of live and/or stored video to up to 1,000 simultaneous users.  The system sends videos to set-top boxes, smart TV’s, iPads, iPhones, and Android based devices in the formats they need, like HLS or DASH.  It also serves video to Roku® private channels. The Atlas I Packaging Server ingests H.264 or H.265/HEVC live streams from any encoder or RTSP IP camera, then “grooms” the streams by adding wrappers such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, or RTMP, plus subtitles for closed captions or multiple languages.  The system’s compact size (7.5 inches) makes it suitable for streaming sermons and special events such as concerts or weddings. Live programs are stored on the server in video segments.  Stored content can also be transferred to the system with easy FTP transfer.  If needed, video content can be stored on an external network.  No storage is required on the viewer’s device.  The Atlas I Packaging Server also features Catch-up and Timeshift TV over HLS, so viewers can “catch-up” to live programs at a specific time.  Timeshifting allows viewers to rewind, pause, and fast forward live or on demand programs.  No special player is required for viewers to use Catch-up TV.  Any device that supports HLS can use it, as the Atlas system will dispatch a “live” playlist with a time specified by the user.  The system supports HLS Adaptive Bitrate streaming, to deliver high quality video.  Church operators can easily create all playlist types (live, VOD, time delayed, etc.) by using simple URL parameters.  The system is also compatible with JW Player native Catch-up TV playlists.  The system can be configured and controlled remotely via the web.  DVEO also provides up to two hours of factory configuration assistance. The number of users served varies by bitrate.  Faster bitrates deliver better video quality, but to fewer users.  For example, the Atlas I Packaging Server supports 700 users simultaneously at 1 mbps, and 500 simultaneous users at 1.5 mbps. The ATLAS I Packaging Server supports third party encoders and transcoders, including Harmonic®, Elemental®, and Envivio®.  It also works seamlessly with DVEO’s Brutus or Gearbox transcoders.  This allows you to re-use encoded transport streams or HLS content from anywhere as long as the resolutions needed are available. The Atlas I Packaging Server is the smallest system in the DVEO ATLAS Packaging Server family.  Three larger configurations are available, for up to 42,000 simultaneous users:  ATLAS III Packaging Server: TELCO streams live or VOD to up to 42,000 simultaneous users at 1 mbps.  ATLAS II Packaging Server: TELCO streams live or VOD to up to 7,000 simultaneous users at 1 mbps. It is used for OTT television in a number of cities. ATLAS 1.5 Packaging Server is a 1 RU system that streams live or VOD to up to 700 simultaneous users at 1 mbps.

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