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Ascension Protégé Wheelchair Lift

Practical, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing portable lift for public venues

AGM Container Controls, the manufacturer of Ascension wheelchair lifts, introduces an addition to their product line: the Ascension Protégé 5442P Model Series Vertical Portable Wheelchair Lift. This patented, ADA-compliant product offers several new features that make it more comfortable for the user, as well as an ideal practical and aesthetic choice for public venues. Available at a significantly lower price point than the Ascension Virtuoso series, and requiring no modifications by the facility using it, the Ascension Protégé is targeted toward schools, theatres, convention centers, churches, hotels and other public facilities looking to provide accessibility to persons with disabilities.

The new Ascension Protégé low-rise lifting device provides those utilizing a wheelchair, walker or crutches easy access to stages, platforms, risers, and other elevated areas up to 42” high. Fully portable, the Ascension Protégé can generally be moved by one person, plugged in for event use then stored when not in use.

Softening the industrial look and feel common to many wheelchair lifts, the Protégé features space efficient details, sidewall windows to eliminate a “boxed in” feeling, and a quieter ride that is less disruptive to the user and those nearby. Like Ascension’s Virtuoso series, the self-contained Ascension Protégé does not require a machine tower, a bulky housing for the drive mechanism that can disrupt the line of sight to the stage or surrounding area. The Protégé’s slim profile platform frame also eliminates the need for an access ramp at the lower entry point, making the lift easily accessible at floor level while at the same time saving space.

In addition to offering a more comfortable experience for the user and a more appealing design for public venues, the Ascension Protégé features a comprehensive safety package. The model includes slip resistant surfaces on the platform floor, 48” high sidewalls, high-impact strength plastic sidewall windows, and an emergency stop button at the passenger control station. A platform safety under-pan stops the lift if an object is underneath, disrupting its path, and gate switches prevent platform movement if either platform gate is open.

The Ascension Protégé drive train is covered for 20 years under warranty, while additional parts are covered for up to five years.

AGM began manufacturing the patented Ascension Protégé 5442P Model Series Vertical Portable Wheelchair Lift in May of this year, and delivered its first shipment in June to a Washington D.C. public library.

Those interested in learning more about the Ascension Protégé can visit www.wheelchairlift.com, call 1-800-459-0400 or email sales@wheelchairlift.com.

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