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Artiste DaVinci WH

The Artiste DaVinci WH is a full-featured, theatrical-grade LED moving head spot with a beautiful white housing that fits ideally in any HoW environment. It delivers a combination of power, color and projection for use in a wide range of applications from worship space to service, music, play or broadcast.

The Artiste DaVinci WH is a full-featured yet compact "theatrical grade" LED moving head spot luminaire with a beautiful white housing that fits in ideally in any HoW environment. Multi-talented like the artistic icon it is named after, the Artiste DaVinci WH delivers an exceptional combination of power, color and projection possibilities and can be used in a wide range of applications from worship space to service, music, play or broadcast.  The Artiste DaVinci produces a bright and highly efficient beam. An output of over 12,000 lumens is comparable to 700W discharge lamp fixtures, yet it does not require lamp replacements. Powerful enough to light a stage or set from even the highest trim height, a newly designed 270W cool white LED engine and advanced optics is at the heart of this enhanced performance and energy efficient luminaire that will shine through even on the largest stages.  Built to make the design task easier while allowing for more creative freedom, the Artiste DaVinci offers a variety of design features in a small package. Full CMY color mixing gives a broad palette of color choice and is supplemented by seven dichroic colors from a color wheel, including CTB. Add to that CTO color mixing for greater color temperature control and the Artiste DaVinci is also an excellent color matching unit. While the fixture is a highly capable spot luminaire, a frost filter is included when the moment calls for a softer wash effect.  The Artiste DaVinci WH is all about creativity and a range of graphical effects via two gobo wheels and an animation system allow for unlimited image capabilities for a HoW event or service. One gobo wheel houses 6 rotating gobos while the other houses 9 static replaceable gobos for customized looks. A full 360° bi-directional animation effect wheel brings graphics to life, allowing for the creation of dramatic animated effects such as undulating waves, rising flames, driving rain, drifting clouds, foliage, and more. The Artiste DaVinci WH incorporates a fast and precisely moving zoom system with auto-focus for more precise coverage. For easy adjustment of beam size as well as beam sharpness, the motorized zoom expands the beam from a tight 6° to a wide 48°.  Effects possibilities A host of other effects can be achieved via the fixture's two rotating prisms, including both a 6-way linear and 3-facet prism. Color, CMY and prism macros are also included for quick programming of effects and a motorized iris is included for further beam manipulation. The DaVinci also houses a high-speed electronic shutter and strobe as well as variable dimming curve effects and 16-bit multi-phase motors mean that pan and tilt rotation is both fast and smooth. Energy efficient compared to discharge lamp fixtures, the Artiste DaVinci WH includes a Hibernation Mode, which saves power when the fixture is not in use. LED refresh rate frequency and Gamma brightness are also adjustable.  Control and connection convenience The Artiste DaVinci can be controlled via DMX, RDM (Remote Device Management), sACN or Art-NET protocols and Elation’s internal E-FLY wireless DMX transceiver makes for easier setup with less cable mess. The fixture comes with a host of other standard features like 5-pin DMX In/Out connections, RJ45 etherCON, as well as powerCON TRUE1 In/Out connections. It includes a 6-button touch control panel with a full-color 180° reversible LCD menu display that makes for easy navigation through DMX and manual settings. It is also possible to power link multiple fixtures meaning that customizable setups are quick. The Artiste DaVinci operates flicker free for use in TV and other broadcast applications and an auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies.  For lighting designers looking to be inspired, the Artiste DaVinci WH provides limitless options for creative lighting and will inspire designers to create stunning palettes of light, certain to enhance any experience.

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