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Arria.Live Audio System

Arria.Live is the world's first fully digital pro audio system. Its revolutionary new design eliminates the central mixer resulting in a sound system that is simple for volunteers to set-up and operate, components that are small and lightweight, and unprecedented scalability from 1 to 32 input channels across 32 separate mixes.

Arria.Live is the world's first fully digital pro audio system. With Arria.Live, the most expensive, bulky and complicated component found in all traditional sound systems the central mixer is eliminated. Our revolutionary new design results in a fully-capable sound system that is incredibly simple to set-up and operate, components that are small, lightweight and easily transportable, and unprecedented ability to seamlessly scale from one to 32 input channels with up to 32 separate mixes. These attributes create a sound system that is ideal for:  ·    Any church that depends on volunteer staff to deliver quality live audio ·    Plant churches that are mobile and expect to grow significantly ·    Established churches, especially those that share their venue with another church ·    Churches that need additional sound for a youth area or multipurpose room ·    Churches looking for a new sound system that incorporates a very powerful yet affordable personal monitoring system   How it works To create Arria.Live we took all of the connectivity and processing found in a traditional mixer and relocated that out to the edges of the sound system as close as possible to where the sound signals are captured and ultimately reproduced.  All of the individual components connect over a standard Ethernet network utilizing industry standard power over Ethernet (POE) for power. Mixing and system control is done wirelessly via our free iPad app Arria.Live mics don't have the usual analog XLR connector because they are fully digital and incorporate the preamp, digitizer, and processor right onboard.  Our microphones, like all Arria.Live components utilize a robust, stage-ready EtherCON connector that works perfectly with both EtherCON cables and standard RJ45 cables. Just plug the mic into any convenient network port, and a labeled fader strip will pop onto the controller display ready to be used.  Arria.Live microphones do many things that a traditional microphone will never do. From the control app, you can assign a friendly name like, "Pastor Bill."  You can also adjust the preamp gain, dynamics, and EQ.  The assigned name and all of the microphone's parameters are stored right in the mic itself.  Plug the same mic in next Sunday and all of your carefully tuned settings along with the assigned name are still there.  And if you ever have any doubt about which mic a fader is connected to, you can flash a multi-color LED right on the mic. For instruments and specialty mics we have network-connected DI boxes in both mono and stereo versions. Our mono DI features a combo connector that accepts both XLR and 1/4 TRS; the stereo version uses RCA connectors.  Our DI's handle a wide range of inputs from mics to instruments to line level sources. The mono DI has switchable phantom power as well.  Just plug your instrument or specialty mic into the DI and then plug the DI into any network port.  The DI will pop onto the Arria.Live controller screen where you can assign a name and an icon identifying what you have plugged in, like "Mike's Guitar," and set the parameters including gain, dynamics, and EQ.  All these settings and the assigned name are stored in the DI so if you use the same instrument with the same DI it will be ready to go as soon as you connect it to the network, regardless of which network port you use.  There is no need to purchase and install new speakers when using Arria.Live. Just connect one of our Speaker Output boxes to each powered speaker (or amp channel if using passive speakers). Our speaker output boxes utilize their network connection to receive and process all of the input signals using an onboard 32-by-1 channel mixing engine to produce the correct mix for the particular speaker. Using the controller app, just assign each speaker to a mix and set its location position in the stereo sound field.  Our Personal Monitor box works similarly, except that it provides a stereo output to a 1/8" earphone jack, and it provides a convenient volume control.  Worship team members can use our iPhone app to control their mix, and control is also available to the FOH tech via the iPad app.  There is no limit to the number of Personal Monitors that can be connected, and each can be assigned to one of up to 32 separate mixes. No additional "input modules" or "expansion modules" are required, making this the most flexible and affordable PM system on the market.  Customer Reaction During our extensive beta period, Arria.Live has been in continuous use at numerous churches ranging from plants to established mid-sized congregations. We've enjoyed rave reviews from volunteers, pastors and professionals, including Tim Moore, a professional sound engineer who works with many houses of worship. Tim offered his insights on the importance of Arria.Live.  "I have worked for many years as a touring production manager and sound engineer.  Currently, I am employed by Sennheiser as a User Experience Manager for Live Sound.  As such, I am very familiar with professional audio products, including the recent crop of low-cost and very capable digital mixers, such as Behringer's X32 series and QSC's Touch Mix, among others.  Arria.Live is every bit as capable and affordable as the digital console offerings, and because there is no mixing console, it takes up even less space.  It also completely eliminates the need for operators to deal with signal flow.  Unlike any other system on the market, with Arria.Live you simply cannot hook things up incorrectly.  When operating the system, you only see the fader strips and controls for the devices that are currently connected, thus removing a huge amount of clutter.  Removing all of this complexity enables the operator to just focus on the mix and produce better sound. This is the reason Arria.Live is so important. Arria.Live eliminates steep learning curves, saves time and avoids frustration. Arria.Live gives confidence and the ability to build and mix audio to anyone who needs it. No other solution has ever been able to offer that."

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