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All Clear Emergency Management Group Announces Launch

All Clear Emergency Management Group, LLC (All Clear EMG), is launching to provide focused emergency preparedness services for churches and church-related entities. The staff at All Clear EMG possesses extensive experience assisting hospitals, schools, universities, and businesses in furthering business continuity and emergency preparedness. All Clear EMG provides expertise in pandemic influenza, natural disaster, terrorism, active shooter, utility outage, fire, and business interruption and other disasters. The goal of All Clear EMG’s services is to assist churches in developing an all-hazards approach to practical preparedness. The practical approach will assist churches in mitigating the impact of an emergency or business interruption through risk assessment, efficient response during the emergency, and recovery plans that minimize the interruption.

“The saying goes, ‘pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.’ All Clear EMG takes this phrase to heart. No one wants to see a disaster happen, but the truth is, it makes the headlines everyday. In order to address the specific needs of churches, we have molded our processes into a focused approach for church emergency preparedness and business continuity. All Clear EMG’s services help all businesses prepare for emergencies through training, plan development, and most importantly practice. The more comfortable a company and its employees are with their roles during an emergency, the better they will respond when it happens,” says Ginny Schwartzer, vice president and co-owner of All Clear EMG.

All Clear EMG concentrates on three pillars of comprehensive emergency management: planning, training, and exercises. All Clear EMG aims to collaborate with clients through thorough facilitation of the planning process, gathering necessary information to make the project applicable to local needs and resources, and writing plans with the entire emergency management cycle (mitigation, planning, response, recovery) in mind. This comprehensive view aids in providing contiguous services from plan development to training on newly developed or revised procedures to implementation via tabletop, functional, or full-scale exercise.

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C., All Clear EMG is led by three partners, Will Moorhead, Scott Pharr, and Ginny Schwartzer, with a combined experience of over 30 years in emergency response and preparedness. Their understanding of public health preparedness, emergency management, homeland security, continuity planning, exercise design, and experience as first responders provides a wealth of knowledge to the company.

Projects that may be of interest to churches include development or review of emergency response procedures for the church or associated school, emergency response training, business continuity planning, pandemic influenza planning or training, and exercises that practice and test all types of plans. Contract costs associated with these services are intentionally set with attention to the budget concerns of churches.

For more information about these and other preparedness services, please visit www.allclearEMG.com or call 336-802-1800.

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