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Aleratec RoboJet Disc Printer

Aleratec Inc. has launched its new Aleratec RoboJet AutoPrinter 100, a robotic BD/DVD/CD disc printer that prints custom inkjet labels directly on each disc in brilliant color. It is fully automatic and can print up to 100 BDs/DVDs/CDs virtually unattended. The innovative RoboJet AutoPrinter 100 uses standard HP ink cartridges available anywhere and features HPs unique PhotoREt color-layering technology that delivers vivid, true-to-life photo quality images with extremely sharp text printed directly on the customer’s discs.

“On the top of our list of most important criteria in developing the RoboJet AutoPrinter 100 was to have a unit that produces professional results,” states Perry Solomon, Aleratec President and CEO. “Recognizing that image quality and color are critical to the success of a disc printer, we chose HP, the leaders in inkjet printing technology. With its HP engine, the Aleratec RoboJet AutoPrinter 100 is capable of producing top quality, crystal-clear images in brilliant colors. The Aleratec RoboJet is convenient for customers who prefer widely-available, standard cartridges over proprietary consumables. The Aleratec RoboJet has a compact desktop size, and includes an intuitive Aleratec disc label design software suite that makes designing professional looking custom labels really easy.”

Most automated inkjet disc printing solutions available today require complex external robotics to load and unload discs to and from the printer. A key differentiating feature of the Aleratec RoboJet AutoPrinter 100 is the disc handling robotics are a part of the printer. There are no external moving robotic arms or disc handling apparatus. Blank discs are loaded in the top the printer and finished discs eject automatically from the printer tray. The RoboJet has a footprint no larger than a manual inkjet disc printer and it has a 100 disc capacity.

The Aleratec RoboJet AutoPrinter 100 incorporates HP PhotoREt color-layering technology for controlling the placement of the inks more precisely than ever before. Each dot is capable of receiving 29 minuscule drops of color, each one precisely positioned to achieve smoother graduations in tone and to virtually eliminate any grain in the printed image. The result is a color palette many times greater than conventional Inkjet printers, finer color control, faster printing, and improved image quality.

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