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Aleratec Now Offers 15-Disc DVD/CD Tower Publisher

Aleratec Inc., developer and manufacturer of “Prosumers’ Choice” solutions for the USB, Flash, HDD, Blu-ray, DVD/CD, duplicating, and DVD/CD publishing markets, is now shipping its new 1:15 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS that produces finished published discs at throughput rates the company says are higher than ever. Processing 15 discs at once, it can make 3GB to 4GB DVD copies or LightScribe labels printed in title mode at a potential speed of 180 discs per hour. It is a stand alone system requiring no computer for copying or labeling discs. Aleratec provides a USB fast key for direct USB access to a PC for drag and drop functionality to quickly load disc publishing files to the Tower Publisher’s removable 250GB HDD.

“We have a new solution for those with the need for speed. Our new 1:15 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS has been designed for publishing large quantities of LightScribe discs especially when time is short and deadlines are near,” stated Perry Solomon, Aleratec President and CEO.

“While throughput is one of its key attributes, some great innovations for publishing professional quality discs simply and conveniently have been carefully crafted to make the 1:15 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS a top performer.”

The Aleratec 1:15 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS is a stand alone system capable of producing up to 15 DVD/CD copies or clearly labeled discs simultaneously. Before the introduction of the 1:15 DVD/CD Tower

Publisher SLS, disc publishing towers required connection to a PC running sophisticated disc publishing software to duplicate and LightScribe label discs. The duplicating and LightScribe labeling intelligence is built into the 1:15 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS controller. This DVD/CD publisher can copy as many DVDs and CDs as needed and with LightScribe Disc Labeling technology, customers can laser burn custom labels in the same machine.

With the Aleratec USB Fast Key and a USB 2.0 connection to a PC, disc and label image files can be drag and drop loaded to the Tower Publisher’s hard drive. Source discs do not need to be physically loaded in the publisher. There is no searching for the right source discs and label files. Disc and Label images are always where they should be when copies are needed. This provides a number of advantages. Also, duplicating and labeling from a hard drive source is a more stable and reliable process than copying from a disc and it is faster.

A powerful Aleratec DVD/CD Publishing Suite is included for creating custom labels with text and graphics. Customers can create a custom disc label on a computer, then load the image to the stand alone publisher’s hard drive via USB or burn it to a CD and place the CD in the DVD-ROM drive.

“The unique image handling features of Aleratec’s 3rd generation high volume LightScribe disc publisher make it easy to create custom LightScribe labels and quickly print them,” said Kent Henscheid, LightScribe Marketing Manager. “Aleratec has successfully incorporated LightScribe’s in-drive direct to disc labeling technology into a tower disc publishing solution that has the throughput capacity to provide really quick turn-around when needed.”

With LightScribe there is no printer. Direct-to-disc labels are laser burned, crystal clear and professional looking. No ink or other costly printing supplies are required. Aleratec Direct Disc Publishing

Systems utilize LightScribe enabled DVD/CD recorders and specially coated LightScribe media to produce precise, laser-etched, disc labels with superior sharpness and clarity. LightScribe discs can be pre-labeled, for example, by department or classification level and appended with more detail later. With the added advantage of color coding, disc content can be immediately recognized, organized and properly managed.

Now sensitive and classified information does not have to be sent offsite to be recorded or duplicated, which is especially important when that practice is forbidden.

The Aleratec 1:15 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS has an attractive and compact 2 column construction that minimizes the height of the unit providing a very stable footprint minimizing the risk of the unit easily tipping over. The 1:15 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS standard configuration includes 4 locking rolling casters for easy moving to the work location where it is most needed.

The Aleratec 1:15 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS LightScribe Disc

Publishing System (Aleratec Part No. 260178, Ingram Micro SKU T18893,

Tech Data SKU 25371I) can produce up to 15 simultaneous DVD/CD copies or clearly labeled discs. This disc publishing workhorse has an Estimated Retail Price of $2,299.

For best results Aleratec LightScribe Duplicator Grade media is recommended:

LightScribe DVD+R 16x V1.2 Duplicator Grade Media 600-Pack Aleratec

Part #300115, Ingram Micro SKU R86781, Tech Data

SKU 25375I ERP $499.00

LightScribe DVD-R 16x V1.2 Duplicator Grade Media 600-Pack Aleratec

Part #230117, Ingram Micro SKU U06776, Tech Data

SKU 25374I ERP $499.00

LightScribe CD-R 52x V1.2 Duplicator Grade Media 600-Pack Aleratec

Part #110120, Ingram Micro SKU R86782, Tech Data

SKU 25376I ERP $429.00

A wide variety of Aleratec LightScribe Duplicator Grade media is also available in 100-Packs.

The full line of Aleratec solutions, and accessories is featured at

AAFES, Adorama, Amazon.com, B&H Photo Video, Best Buy, Buy.com, CDW,

Circuit City, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Insight, J & R, Mac Connection,

MacMall, Meijer, Micro Center, NewEgg, Office Depot, PC Connection, PC

Mall, PC Nation, ProVantage, Quill, QVC.com, Ritz Camera, Staples, Target, Tech Depot and Wal-Mart in addition to other leading retailers.

Government and Education customers may purchase from Government and

Education Specialists including AAFES, B&H Photo Video Gov, Best Buy

Gov/Ed, CDW-G, CompuCom, EnPointe, GovConnection, GTSI, Insight Gov,

PC Mall Gov, Pomeroy, Sayers, Shi.com, Softchoice, telcobuy, TIG, and Unisys. All products are available to resellers in the U.S. through D&H Distributing, DBL Distributing, Ingram Micro, and Tech Data; in Canada through D&H Canada and Ingram Micro Canada; in Latin America and the Caribbean through Tech Data Miami.

Complete information available at http://www.aleratec.com

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