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AKG Announces 700-MHz Wireless Rebate Program

AKG announces a trade-in program for customers of any brand of wireless system that operates in the over-698 MHz range on its popular WMS 450 system. This rebate program gives customers a $100.00 instant rebate when they trade-in their 700-MHz wireless system against the purchase of a WMS 450 from a participating contractor or retail dealer. A $100.00 mail-in rebate is available via a downloadable PDF form for new customers when purchasing the system from a participating online or catalog retailer.

Many wireless users that have systems operating in the 698 - 806 MHz range are worried that their systems will become unreliable or unusable after the transition to DTV broadcasting is completed on February 18, 2009. That frequency band was auctioned off by the FCC earlier this year and will be implemented by its new owners for public safety, voice and data communications.

The AKG WMS 450 complies with all FCC regulations and is a perfect step-up wireless system. The frequency-agile 450 system is available in three 30-MHz wide, FCC regulation-compliant bands in the United States that operates in the 500680 MHz range. In each band, up to 12 systems can be operated simultaneously and up to 36 systems can be used when multiple bands are combined. Wireless users can buy a WMS 450 system with confidence knowing that it will be usable for years into the future.

Joe Wagoner, Product Manager for Wireless Products at AKG states, "The WMS 450 is the logical next step in wireless systems and is equipped with incredible frequency-agility, comprehensive frequency-management software and powerful 50-milliwatt transmitters. The user-friendly interface and the versatility allow operators to quickly and easily expand the system into a multi-user wireless system with the incredible array of accessories offered by AKG. The WMS 450 is one of the finest values in the market today and this generous offer makes stepping up to its high performance and flexibility even easier for wireless users."

The WMS 450 system delivers ultra-wide 3520,000 Hz response with 120 dB dynamic range (s/n ratio) for uncompressed, hard-wired sound quality. The system delivers up to eight hours of operation from a single AA (LR6) battery for the low operating cost and also features charging contacts on the transmitters for use with an optional plug-in charging station for added convenience and environment-friendliness. The system uploads setup data from the receiver into the transmitter quickly and easily using an infrared link.

The WMS 450 system is available in a number of different configurations for handheld, lavalier, head-worn and instrument applications. Each system includes all necessary rack-mount hardware, a battery, two ΒΌ-wave antennas, power supply, and a carrying case.

For more information on the AKG wireless rebate and to download the PDF Mail-In Rebate Form, visit www.akg.com/us or contact a participating AKG dealer.

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